Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Swan!!!!!!!!!

So those exclamation points are meant to be sarcastic.

I recently saw the film Black Swan. From all of the hype and the articles I've read, I (albeit mistakenly) was expecting an Oscar-worthy film.

I kind of got one. But I don't think that is saying that much, considering the current state of Oscars.
I realize that for EVERYTHING to be awesome in a movie, it's a tall order. One that rarely happens.
But when I shell out almost $10 for a movie, it's kind of what I expect.
And for an Oscar film, it's definitely what I expect.
So while the acting was superb, music was superb, costuming superb, set design superb, the characters and story could use a little work.

The characters were a little lacking:
I wanted more Barbara Hershey and more Winona Ryder, specifically. Their characters were important but weren't necessarily treated as such. The film wasn't very long and I think this could have easily been a two and a half hour film, and it would have commanded the audience's attention for that long. I would have liked a more flushed out Mila Kunis as well.

The story was a lot lacking:
I thought the film was completely predictable. Was it fun to watch? I guess, but I was secretly hoping that my thoughts were wrong and I would have liked more dancing.

So yes, it was a good movie. But only when compared to the crap they're releasing these days. We're so used to utter drivel that when something decent comes out we're quick to herald it as amazing and astonishing, when in fact, it's what a movie is supposed to be.

The good news is Sofia Coppola has a new film coming out that looks good (with music by Phoenix, I know, shocker) and there is a film called "Tree of Life" that I have no idea about, but Sean Penn is in it so it can't be that bad can it? I'll have to do some research on it, E thinks it might be an end-of-days film, which I'm a little wary about.