Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recession Part II; Shorty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low

Apparently, much to my shock and awe.
People read this thing.
They miss it when I don't post.
They always ask when more posts are coming.
They ask if it will continue since I am now employed.

So I will soldier on.

You may have been wondering, "What has blogger Jj been up to?"
I've been in a facebook war.
A facebook war with the anti-healthcare reform people.
And by anti-healthcare reform people, I mean my brother, some of his friends, and my aunt.
Mostly the argument consists of this:
If you can't afford healthcare it is because you spend your money on useless crap (extra cars, vacations, designer clothes) and really everyone should be able to budget for healthcare.
And that if we become a socialist country (I love that single payer= socialism, and I love that socialism is still a bad word), we won't get to pick which doctors we see, or what procedures to have done, and abortions! Death panels!
When a liberal like me brings up the fact that lots of things in 'Mrrrka are socialist like the fire and police departments, the USPS, the public school systems, they then bring it back to a family-budgeting issue.
So I gave up.
But I would like to say:
E and I only have one car (and it's almost paid off!), live in a place we can afford, don't buy designer clothes (hells we can't even get haircuts!), and WE haven't taken a vacation since 2002, and the $800 we spent on that vacation isn't going to help much if I needed to fix a broken leg.
I guess it's just painful to hear that people think I shouldn't have healthcare.
Because that is the bottom line.

In addition to the argument with my aunt, I have also been victim to my first facebook snub!
Can you believe it?
Aunt KB, the super anti-choice (she sends web videos!), Nobama, refused me as a friend.
Or ignored me.
I don't know.
All I know is this:
Friendship was pending, and now, I have to request all over again.
Now some of you might be saying, why would even WANT to be friends with someone like that?
Who cares?
We love Obama!
She is family, number one.
I do like her, and she is pretty funny.
Sure her political alignments are all out of whack (I still don't understand how so many "Christians" are against helping the poor and un/der insured, but I decided I wouldn't play that card), and she just sent my cousin an email telling her how important it was to repent before her wedding so she can be pure for her wedding and tell her children (yep, two kids out of wedlock), that although they're here, she was still pure before god.
People, you don't even understand this, until it happens to you.
I totally called her out on it.
I emailed her and said something along the lines of "Why no friend add? Thanks alot, jerkzoes." Then added something pertinent.
I get to see the WHOLE lot of the anti-choice Nobamas this weekend at the said non-pure wedding.
I hope they play "Low" by Flo-Rida:

Because I've had this song in my head for the past three days.
I'm a ridiculous white person.
I will probably learn the lyrics.
I'm thinking this will be the jam for Halloween 09.
And Logan, the foster dog really seems to dig it.

Also, I may have said it before, but Bill Maher and I are of one mind.
Just sayin'
I'm very glad there is somebody famous sharing my points of view with the world.
Well done, Mr. Maher.
Well done indeed.

And who doesn't love T-Pain?



  2. J,
    I wouldn't ever snub you as a friend on facebook. And I really don't ever remember sending a web video of Nobama. What are you talking about? Maybe you are thinking of your brother or cousin perhaps. Or maybe my husband. Or did I share a Tim Hawkins video? And he offended you? He is sooo funny. I would think you would like him, as that seems to be the reason you like me. Anyway, it seems that every time there is a disagreement between you and your crazy right winged religious pro-life relatives, in this instance me, you air your angry feelings on your blog. Then you share other conversations (incorrectly) I have had with other people. I am beginning to think you have hate for anything about God and the saving of unborn babies lives. You seem to hate any opinion outside of your own. The fact that you have to air it on your blog for others to read in order to validate your feelings/position tells a lot about you J. Don't pretend to be my friend. Don't pat yourself on the back like you have done some great thing asking to be my friend on FB. Friends don't gossip and slander one another on their blogs. Do I think government healthcare is a good idea? No. Do I think killing unborn babies is a good thing? No. Do I believe sex outside of marriage is a good thing? No. Do I believe in Jesus? Yes. Do I love my nieces and nephews? Yes. I am so sorry if I have hurt your feelings. Sometimes, like you, I "talk" without weighing my words first. And I am sorry for those times. Am I sorry for what I believe? No. I love you J. And though we don't agree on these things, I will always love you. (no "like" here man, I am going for all out LOVE baby!) But that doesn't mean I won't ever talk about said beliefs, but I will try to do so in a loving way. I really will try. Can you do the same J? Maybe then we really can be friends.