Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Times, Great Oldies

I'm still amazed that people read this thing, and that when I don't post for a while people want to know why. So. Here is my April resolution:

I will try to post more. FOR REAL.

But let's get down to business.
Guess who got into grad school?!?!?!
That's right, this awesome lady.
Sure it's on a probationary status, but with my undergrad GPA, I wasn't expecting anything less. I meet with my advisor on Thursday to discuss my potential classes for next semester:
*Discourse Analysis (the professor of this class taught my summer class and thought I would enjoy this class, and I actually think it would help with my wannabe thesis and my love of arguing altogether)
*Rhetoric, Writing and Information Technology--it sounds super dull and boring but it's online and I feel like it would probably be beneficial
*Film Studies, Intro to Film Theory and Criticism--I would love this class and if I eventually want to teach at the college level I feel like I would need an in-depth background
*Introduction to the Modern--I've taken this professor before, and I enjoyed it, and I think this is a requirement, so I'm assuming I could take it next year or something
*Feminist Rhetorical Theory--obs.

Or maybe there are some other gems that I'm totally missing? I'll keep you posted.

Still waiting on the financial aid (read: loans) to be awarded, but hopefully I'll get enough to cover the cost of tuition. I'm hoping to keep working full-time with a more flex-y schedule, but am unsure if that is a definite (fingers crossed!)

In other news.
I had visions of grandeur that by the time I posted this the Crew would be showing their stuff, first in the division, maybe leading in some other arbitrary statistic.

Instead, they look like the same old Brewers. And I don't mean the Brewers of '08 (although I don't think they showed up until the all-star break), I mean the Brewers that have some good pieces on paper, but can't seem to pull it together on the field.
That the team we're playing has a BETTER team on paper and they're pulling it together.
That the team has a worse team on paper but they're on a crazy-red-hot-streak.


The West Bend Silver Lining?
They're hitting. They've still got the long-ball, and they're getting on base.
They seem(ed) (especially in the first and second games, today's game is effing torture) to have some good cohesion. The lot of them have longer hair (I don't know if this is intentional or not, but I'm trying to find the silver lining here)
They seemed to have good chemistry on the field (barring this game).
They're only three games outta first
I'm really hoping the Home Opener puts a little spark in them and we can pull out a win or that this is just a bump in our road to victory.

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