Thursday, January 3, 2013

Obligatory New Year's Post: Setting My Intentions

What a world. What a world.

After celebrating in amazing style, class, and overindulgence with some fabulous friends. And taking a well-deserved day off from life, watching the League with the bf, I have now decided to state my intentions for the year.

It has come to my attentions that two of my relatives, and myself, are all taking part in a vegan challenge.
Will it be hard?
Has it been hard?
Not yet.
Will I get thru it?
I don't know! Enough with all the questions!

My goal for this challenge is to cook more, and eat more plant-based food rather than always going for a frozen pizza or fake meat as my fall-back.

Thus far (and let's be real, I'm on day 2).
Things have been fabulous, although not all that plant-based. I'm thinking of keeping more detailed challenge-related progress in a different blog, but who knows. Will keep you little minxes posted.

Keep trying to be the best at everything I want to be good at.
Writing. Knitting. Cooking. Awesomeness. Jocularity. Pithiness.
Why not?

Ensuring to make time for those that bring me happiness and joy and ridiculousness and try to sever less enjoyable bonds.
This could be the hardest intention yet.
(That sounded really diabolical. But I didn't mean it that way.)

I really REALLY would love to blog more.
I am like a dog and I thrive on routine..
But I very rarely have one.
I'm going to try hard to keep up this blog, and try to ensure I have interesting things to say.

Things I say I'm gonna do all the time:
Exercise more!
Eat better!
But if I keep trying, I suppose something has got to stick.

In other news.
I want to watch Raging Bull again, after listening to a podcast from Scorsese's editor.
This also has made me want to blog about AFI's top films and my thoughts on them and the role women play in them.
I'm not saying this hasn't been done, or that I'd be good at it. I just want to try it out.
That is all.

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