Friday, June 6, 2014

mom stuff

Maybe it's because I'm restarting/reconfiguring a story/novella i began years ago, but today. I had a decidedly mom moment. A mom-ent. See what I did there.

So I'm trying to write this story, about family, or maybe about a girl. I haven't fully decided yet. One version is about a girl, the other version is about objects that connect a family. At first I thought I would make it solely about female characters, but now am unsure. Everything is up in the air thus far.

But the first object mentioned is a keychain. Which, when thought of in the computer-y sense makes a fun play on words since these objects are supposed to go thru time and are cued up for different reasons. Who knows if this will work. Just some thoughts on the proverbial paper, kids.

So I get to work last night and there is a DISNEY/MICKEY MOUSE KEYCHAIN sitting on the counter.
"Is this yours?!" I asked my co-worker. He claims it was there when he got there.
While there is speculation that the place I work at is haunted (things turn up and disappear at random), I thought this was a rather keen coincidence since the keychain I am writing about at the moment is a Minnie Mouse keychain. I haven't thought about signs and such in a long time, and I'm not entirely sure this isn't all in my head, but it was a nice coincidence when I was feeling bad about my writing.

So I woke up fairly early this morning. Well. Early for me.
And I have a porch.
And I have a french press.
And it is nice out.
And I have coffee.
And almond milk.
Do you see where I am going here?
If I still smoked I'd have cigarettes.

And it reminded me of this one time where my mom and I were up before everyone else. Maybe we had to work, or maybe I couldn't sleep. I don't remember why we were up before everyone else, but we were. And she suggested we have coffee on the porch. She still lives in the house, and we had a pretty nice deck. Big enough to fit a plastic table and some chairs on. We may have smoked a cigarette together, I don't know. But we were just sitting outside, having coffee (we take it the same-ish way milk or creamer, no sugar). And talking. And I can't remember the conversation. It wasn't anything super important. It was just her saying she might do the dishes before she went to work. And maybe I disclosed my plans for the day. I don't know. But for whatever reason that is stuck in my head. And it was nice. And that is what I am doing right now. And it's nice.

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