Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 114

That's the sound of the man.
Working on the chain.

That clickety clackety you hear is the sound of me sending out e-rezzies/apps to every company known to mankind.

On the one hand I should be thankful that there are actually jobs in my field to apply to.
On the other hand, I will probably just be up against the same 500 applicants that I "beat out" for the job I didn't get at Company Z.

K Publishing is looking for a copywriter. Resume emailed.

C Ad Agency is looking for a part-time copywriter. Resume emailed.

D Ad agency is looking for a Marketing Communications person. Resume emailed.

P Food Company is looking for a writer.
Application pages 1-3 downloaded and printed but then printing paper ran out.
This is my life.
Eff my life.

I guess this isn't the slew of jobs I had claimed, but I do have to search through about 7 different jobber sites hoping something will catch my eye, and/or I will be qualified for.
This is how my Mondays are spent now.
Slogging thru job websites looking for SOMETHING that I won't hate and am qualified for.

The good news is that I started my running back up today.
And while it was a bit of a killer, I definitely feel better after I do it.
Dare I say it?
I think, THINK it might actually be helping me fit into my jeans better.
I will keep you posted.
Who needs a gym when you got legs?
Full disclosure:
I still miss the gym.
But re-joining is way down on the list of things to happen whence I get a job.

Onto other news:
Are winning.
And thus, I'm a happy person.

I watched a horrible movie starring Bruce Willis and Halle Berry, "A Perfect Stranger."
I've decided that while attractive, I don't think Halle Berry is a good actress.
At least she wasn't in this film.
Or it was written so poorly it didn't matter, but everyone else was manageable.
So I'm thinking it's her acting skills.
And why does she pick such awful films?
Maybe this one would have been better had she acted better.
One of those chicken/egg quandries, I suppose.


  1. agreed on the halle berry bit.
    i have serious issues with her.
    whilst she may LOOK sexy, she isn't.
    so i hate that they keep putting her in the sex pot roles.
    the shit with catwoman...oh god...soooo bad.
    she is a shit actress with
    she just ain't got it.

  2. i want you to also know that i totes love your blog.
    it is bookmarked on my toolbar and i check it every day.
    you are the bestest!!!