Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 112

In the park!
I think it was the fourth of July!

Just kidding.
But it is saturday.
And while we didn't hang out in a park.
We did get to hang out with a lot of our besties today.
And by alot I mean three:

M&Z hosted a bbq at their house and as asian slaw is probably some of the greatest recession food ever, I ran to the market to pick up a couple ingredients, plus some juice so I could make adequate hooch to bring to the party.

And I would like to comment at how much I hate Pick-N-Save.
1. I can find nothing there.
2. How do they NEVER have enough checkers?
3. You still have to use one of those swipey savings card things. LAME.

I totally prefer Sentry, at least the Sentry that is by our house.
And by our house, I mean in 'Tosa.

M&Z had said I could bring a friend, and PO and I had previously made plans to watch True Blood that evening anyway. The advent of M&Z's bbq just meant we could start drinking earlier without seeming like alcoholics.

It was a funfun time at the bbq, booze, hookah, fun peeps, PO actually played with a child, and let's call a spade a spade here.
She was really freaking good with Kai.
I'm nowhere near as good with children as she is.

After most people left, the rain started to come down and we headed in for a game of Settlers of Catan.
Which is really fun.
Well, at least 4 of the five people there thought it was really fun.
PO didn't think it was.
But after the game was over, realized that maybe it was because she hadn't played before.
And I'm sure having four people who had been drinking since 3 try to explain a strategy game to you, isn't the easiest way to learn.

We headed back to our house, E disappeared into sleeptown, and PO and I watched the first two episodes of True Blood, good times on the bayou, indeed.

I then drove PO home and realized that I really can't eat veggie burgers whilst drinking.

I checked the Brewer score and saw that it was a game to remember (walk-off hits are always a good time, plus secured the series win!) and fell asleep with a smile on my face.


  1. i can't believe that happened...
    every five seconds, i was in awe that i was playing with a kid.
    how did that happen??
    but really, teaching a kid how to destroy things is pretty funny...
    just like when i teach kiki horrible things to say...ha ha

  2. ok, and the game...
    i was pretty hammered at that point...
    and so was just about everyone else.
    and strategically it didn't make sense that i couldn't build a settlement close to one of my OWN settlements...
    i much prefer risk.
    it's riskier.