Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 117

I hope Anberlin wasn't foreshadowing things to come in my library ways.
For today's cd's were quite awful.
I'm trying not to judge cd's by their cover, but these two covers did provide adequate warning:

Both were awful in their own respects. I won't go into it here.
But let's just say the covers were a warning.
They were a warning.

Today was spent trying to train Rice how to get in and out of a car a little better. He kind of got it towards the end. We will try again tomorrow.

It also turns out that I will be able to go to a Brewers vs. Cards game, complete with tailgating!
This is exciting, as this could prove pivotal for the NL Central.

Another amazing thing happened yesterday.
Call in liquid courage, but I actually watched the entire Brewers-Cubs game last night.
Even though we were down by 7 runs in the 5th inning, I decided to not fair-weather it.
I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I get a little angry.
And while the expletives were flowing, I only took a break after Lee's grand slam (still grrr-ing about that).
And it was quite heartening to see Brewer fans in the crowd at the end of the game, down now only by four runs, which at least is a respectable number, up and cheering with their rally caps on.
And let's be real, if it were a Cubs defecit, Wrigley would have been half empty.
So thanks Brewer fans.
Thanks for staying classy, and staying at the game.

And I think this is the root of the Cubs vs. Brewer rivalry.
It's not so much that we hate the CUBS as we hate their fans.
We hate that Chicago ATTITUDE.
Chicago spends spends spends.
And we are truly blue collar--working the farm system, making smart picks now in hopes that they will pay off.
Chicago thinks they are "OWED" a series. They're the love-able losers. Curses curses curses!
Are you effing kidding me? I will allow a bad call here and there, hells, I'm still angry about the Braves-Brewers game two years ago that had seriously some of the worst umping I've ever seen.
But to blame curses? And curses not even made by real witches or warlocks! Curses made by a person trying to smuggle a goat into a baseball game, or the black cat. Or Bartman. Well that is what you get for having the world's douchey-est fans. They screw up your game for you. To quote Beyonce, "You've made your bed, now lay in it."
Whereas the Brewers only made it one game further than the Cubs in last year's playoff race, after that oh-so-disheartening loss, Brewer fans stood up and cheered, a final "Let's Go Brewers," a sort of curtain call for the season we had all waited so long for.

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