Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 131

You wanna know a fun game to play?
Why your life is better than mine.
Today is a prime example.

While the day began okay, I couldn't shake an inexplicable exhaustion.
I didn't go to bed so late.
I thought I slept okay.
But upon waking up at 8-ish to let the dogs out, it became quite apparent that I wasn't going to be able to stay awake.

3 hours later I forced myself to wake up, fiddled around on the internet, and made myself go on a run, no less tired.

The good news, is the run was a success. I completed all parts of the run, no matter I was "jogging" at a snail's pace for the last two songs. But I pulled a Kate Bush and did not give up.

Upon entering the house I see crimson splatters on the ground, along with assorted trash strewn about.

Upon further inspection it appears that Super escaped from the guest room, although she's been having slumber parties there with Sandy each night. Apparently she couldn't take yet another game of dog Truth or Dare.
And apparently pulled the butter and the accompanying dish off of the microwave (which is about chest high on me, a five-nine or ten-er). And she had apparently cut herself somewhere.
As luck would have it she cut (probably more like a scrape) on her muzzle, no stitches, no pricey trip to the e-vet.

E gets home and is preparing for his tennis tournament, when we hear a loud pop. Upon looking out the window we see nothing unusual, perhaps a garbage can, as our block has amassed a ridiculous amount of them, fell over.

E leaves and shortly after returns.
The sound we heard was our tire blowing out.
As you know, it's not like we have extra money to throw away on things like tires.
Okay so a tire is a necessity, but it's not like we have extra money to throw away on ANYTHING.
Not to mention most tire places only take cash, which for us is at a premium.
Not like I'm ever thrilled when forced to use a credit card for anything.
Maybe I should just turn to drug dealing.
Mary Louise Parker seems to be doing okay for herself.

The tire will be replaced, hopefully E won't miss out on his tennis tournament, as those cost some skrilla as well.

I'm not an optimist at all, but I have to assume that things are going to turn around?
But then I think, why should they?
Homeless peoples' lives generally don't turn around.
I think this is the point that most people find religion.

In other, more frivolous news:
I actually started the sitcom!
Even if it turns out to be super lame and just a webisode, at least it's something!

I checked out Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos from the library. I used to have this album, and still have all the packaging, but somehow lost the cd in the move. Anyway.
I absolutely loved this album when I had it (this was during my Ryan Adams' "Gold" and Decibully phase--these were the three albums I played almost incessantly). And upon listening to it again, I still love it!
Which for me is weird cos I'm kind of done with the whole chick singer thing (okay so that is a bit of a lie, I did just recently check out a Keren Ann cd and liked it). But Tori Amos is very freshman year of college, but this album still brings me bliss.

I've also finished reading "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks CSPBFFs for loaning this to me! It wasn't nearly as scientific as I expected, but that could be for the ridiculous in-depth Psych 101 class I took at Northland College, which I actually did well in. Who knew Jj and science could ever mix?

I'm currently reading another book on loan from the CSPBFFs "The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori" by Robert Barnard. It's a mystery, which I've decided I enjoy reading because they give me a sense of accomplishment, but tend to always be a let down at the ending. So I will give this one a go.

Recession news!
I've interviewed for a receptionist position at a vet clinic.
While it's not copywriting, it SOMETHING that I would at least be okay at (I think) and the perks are pretty good (basically comped vet visits and discounted vaccines and such!). So I have to take that into consideration as vet care is an expense.
Plus there really is nothing else out there.
I should find out by the end of next week if I get it.
Obs I will keep you posted.

Also, does anyone eat beets?
Yesterday, in a great recession moment, I made a beet salad.
This particular beet salad called for beets, pineapples, lemon juice, honey and salt.
I've never eaten beets before (but I've danced to beats, and I've read beats), I thought I wouldn't let these pretty vegetables go to waste.
It was a good feeling having my hands stained red.
I felt like a real farmer.
Especially since...
My tomato plants have green fruit on them!!!
My plants that I raised from seed are sprouting real, live tomatoes!
Back to beets.
So I've never had beets before, but these taste really, EARTHY.
Is this normal?
I would say they taste dirty, but it's not that.
It's like an earthy taste.
I'm just wondering if this is normal.
I can't say the salad was fantastic. It's okay, but the earthiness of the beets and the sweetness of the pineapple and honey seem like a weird combo to me.

It should also be noted that as a belated birthday gift PO, who has basically become my recession benefactor, gave me a fabulous coffee table/cook book about fresh vegetables from farmer's markets (Fresh From the Farmer's Market)! This week we get fennel and I can't wait to use the recipes listed as I have no idea how to use fennel..
PO you are awesome, and thanks for buying me drinks when I only have $2 in quarters (AA you helped in this one too).

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