Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 115

I would like to comment on paper applications.
While I DO think the "writer" job at Food Company P would be fun, it's frustrating that I have to fill out a four page application, send a cover letter, a resume, and samples.

Frustrating because if this goes the way of any other paper application job, I will not even receive a phone call.

So I've expended all this energy making sure I don't make any mistakes, making sure my handwriting is legible, etc. It's just frustrating.
It takes alot out of me.
But at least I know I've applied for all the writer-ly jobs out there.

In other news.
I recently checked out Season One of the Sarah Silverman Program.
And it's really freaking funny.
I don't know if you've ever seen it. I don't think it's on anymore, but eff.
E and I were both cracking up.
Here's a quote:
"And I wish the retarded... were re-smarted / That's what I wish. "
And all thanks to the library.
Good ol' libes.

And the Crew won, securing a series win vs. the Mets.
Tomorrow: day game with Gallardo pitching.
It will most likely be low scoring because whenever Gallardo pitches, we cannot, for the life of us manufacture runs.
But you never know.
The boys have kept swinging recently.

Things have just been incredibly boring here.
I've been reading.
Watching mostly bad television and movies.
Oh yes.
Something I would like to comment on:

Anna Faris.
As some of you know, pre-recession I subsribed to various magazines including Bust, Bitch, Martha Stewart and the Advocate. I can only imagine what our USPS-er though.
Although I can't find it (figures) I swear I read an article in Bust (or maybe a website somewhere?) that was like in love with Anna Faris.
And I couldn't really figure it out.
She plays the same role in everything she's in:
The Ditzy Blonde, and not ditzy like Resse Witherspoon in the Legally Blonde series or Cher in Clueless who might have superficial tastes but are smart.
She plays truly pretty but dumb characters.
Using her sex to get whatever she needs.
And I can't imagine why people are embracing her as this like new kind of funny-it girl.
So while I didn't have high hopes for "The House Bunny" I thought maybe it would be better than I expected.
Usually the lowest of the low expectation result in "Meh."
This time however, my lowest expectations were met.
It was actually worse than I expected.
What's even worse is that this was written by women.
And the same ones who wrote Legally Blonde in 2001.
How does that happen?
I'm not saying Legally Blonde is the greatest feminist film of all time, but for how popular it was, I thought it sent a pertinent, but also fun message to all the girly girls out there. You can be pretty and girly and not have to dumb yourself down.
And this is an actual issue in today's educational system. Girls' math and science scores drop dramatically when they hit puberty. Because it's not cute to be smart.
And it's not like this ends after Jr. High.
Which is apparently the point this movie is making.
Hopefully you can be cute, because no one likes smart non-slutty-dressing girls.

So I thought the House Bunny might be similar, with Faris' Shelley, teaching the misfit girls' to use their strenghs to advance their cause (in this case their sorority).
But instead there is a shopping/makeover monatage and all they use is their sexuality to get what they want.
Even if I'm overlooking this fact, (the lack of story, or how I don't like the story)--it just wasn't funny at all. And people were comparing her to Lucille Ball and Goldie Hawn? Is this a joke?

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  1. i think you should come with me to my womens studies class.
    i think it would be so fun!
    you are the only other feminist i know who is actually educated in what feminism actually is.