Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 129

The worst part about not keeping yourself up to date on your blog is counting back the days.
Where did I leave off?
What has happened since then?

To sum up:
  • Michael Jackson is still dead. He is not Jesus. Nor is he a vampire. Nor is he a zombie. Of course this does not stop the media from STILL reporting on the legalities of his offspring, music, etc.
  • I still don't have a job. Despite what seems like a blistering amount of resumes sent out, applications submitted, this victim of the recession is still unemployed. In fact, I think I may be getting WORSE at interviews. Mostly because I've become bitter about this whole recession.
  • I've started training for a 5K. I know you runners out there will laugh and guffaw at this, as you most likely run a 5K for your morning run. But slovenly, alcoholic types like me need to train for such an affair. The good news is I don't hate it, and my pants fit better. The bad news? I need new running shoes and most #Ks need a registration fee. Of course the money goes to whatever you're running for, but still. For this unemployed future marathon runner (that is my goal in all of this), it's money that I, quite frankly, don't have.
  • I've been reading. Since my last blog posting I think I've read 3 books. I like to read.
  • I've contacted some grad school people. As it appears that I will never work in this town again, I might as well do something that I really love--theorizing and looking too cool for school. I'm not counting on this, but I think I really would like to go back. And do well.
  • E and I have begun the super-duper beginning stages of writing a sitcom. My goal is to have an episode done by the end of this week. I have had a major case of the ol' writer's block so I'm hoping this will jumpstart something.
  • I still hate the Cubs.
  • Prince Fielder won the home run derby. Say what you will about the All-Star Game, the All-Star Break, but it was pretty cool to see ALL the players in the HR derby go nuts with homeruns. And I'm a small-ball person.
  • I'm still in love with the library.
  • I am now the secretary of the Cold Spring Park Neighborhood Association. Which means I will be taking notes at the meetings. I was doing this anyway, but this also means, unofficially, that I will be making sure people actually do what they say they are going to do. Because I am bossy.
  • MTV has the worst programming ever. Expect posts soon about this fact.

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  1. E and I are also working on a sitcom about two dudes who hear that franchising a Culver's is an easy way to make money and,after trying to determine where the most profitable location to open one would be, try opening one in Iraq.