Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 133

Perhaps it's because my day began with a little Christian rock from my childhood...White Heart's Fly Eagle Fly (posted so you can know what my childhood music scene was like):

Maybe it's because PO has continued the tradition of us watching True Blood together.
And in doing so we talk about how much we heart vamps then and now.
I think I can quote a lot of that movie.
It was truly one of my faves.
And began my love affair with Kiefer Sutherland.

Or maybe Don Henley does it to me everytime.
After dropping PO off I was driving down Vliet, which has a certain old school charm about it, and "End of the Innocence" comes on the radio.

Now as you know, I used to be what the kids call a hippie.
Except, I never, repeat NEVER liked the Grateful Dead, Phish, or reggae.
But I have always had an affinity for Bruce Hornsby.
Not Phil Lesh & Friends Bruce Hornsby, but 80s Bruce Hornsby.
My first thrift store 45 was Bruce Hornsby and the Range, "Mandolin Rain."
You don't know what you got 'til you lose it all...

So on the radio they say how Bruce Hornsby co-wrote the song with Don Henley, and as I'm driving down Vliet, looking at the neat early 60s font of Highland Lanes, and the cute barber pole outside of LA Barbers, not to mention the working class charm of the Wonderbar! and other countless establishments.

It made me think what a nice little plot of Milwaukee that is.
Old and new melding together.
And at that moment I wished I was a photographer.
And let's be real.
Lots of people say they're photographers, or would love to be one.
But I'm not one of those people.
I know all too well that I have zero visual artistic ability.
My brain is meant to hold trivia and quotes.
And that is about it.
I have no spatial reasoning.
But I would love it if SOMEONE, someone with photographic talent would take like a series of pictures of the business establishments along Vliet.
Just an idea I have.

Usually this nostalgia thinking doesn't hit me until fall, but with my unemployment, my emotional seasons are all over the place.

Totes McGotes my friends.
Totes McGotes.
It happens.

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  1. Never play that first song while I am around. NEVER! I will take Don H any time though.