Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 130

During my blog hiatus, I'm not gonna lie.
A lot of television was consumed.
I mean.
I read and stuff too.
But after 100+ days in this recession, the fact that I am:
1. still unemployed, with no "real" prospects.
2. becoming even more poor than I ever thought humanly possible
3. trying not to go even further into debt due to my awesome non-job getting skills

I had a bit of the recession depression.
E is extremely capable of not worrying about finances, but I don't have that talent.
Maybe it's because I do the bills, but almost daily I go over our finances and almost daily I have a mini-anxiety attack.
Will it ever get better (knowing E's and my track record, not effing likely)?
When will it end (see above parenthetical statement)?

So rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I decided to sit around and feel better about myself.
I can't afford real therapy.
Well, let's be real. I can't afford much of anything at this point.
So I decided to enlist the help of television.
And I took to watching shows that would make me feel better about my own life.
I should note: By "watching" I mean I took in an episode or two (sometimes even less than this!). These aren't shows I DVR or even advocate watching, unless you like train wrecks or are going through a bout of recession depression yourself.
These shows were:

Clean House--ridiculously messy houses full of junk, and then a spunky team comes and de-clutters and re-models. I watch this because I am a messy person. One could say slob-ish. But I am not as bad as these houses. Yay!

Animal Cops--okay so the episodes I was watching dealt mostly with animal hoarders. And because animal hoarders are crazy people, their houses are/were even worse and MORE disgusting than the Clean House people because there is always animal feces/urine everywhere.
GA-ROSS. So while I may think it's gross when a foster dog pees on the floor, I always clean it up. And we don't have so much garbage that you can only see the top of the couch. One of the houses was actually like this.

Ruby--apparently if you are so fat that you are going to die you get your own television show. I'm not trying to sound super callous here, but she has a team, a TEAM of people helping her lose weight from every angle (psychologically, physically, nutritionally, etc.). I don't understand how she got this show (cos she's so positive? so cute? so southern?) but I find it highly annoying when people who have personal trainers, nutritionalists, etc, are complaining on how hard it is to lose weight. Are you effing kidding me? Is this really callous of me? I know people who have lost weight all by themselves...people who's weight/food has been an issue all their lives and they did it via the library and self discipline. Why no shows about them? Anyway, I only watched half of this show because I found Ruby to be grating and annoying and whiny and I really don't like southern accents. But the whole time I did watch this show, I felt incredibly skinny. Maybe that is why this show is so popular? Everyone feels better about THEMSELVES after they watch it?

16 & Pregnant--Thanks MTV! Way to celebrate the epidemic that is teen pregnancy! I have no idea what this show is trying to promote because it is not "don't get pregnant!" The episodes I have seen have been "Oops, I got knocked up, but I have a family that is supportive of me so this won't REALLY affect my life that much except I'm getting so fat! I'm so tired! My friends don't invite me places with them!" And of course, the end of the show is them with their super-cute baby happy as can be. I did see on an up and coming episode that one teen actually might give up her baby for adoption. Thank god. I would prefer a show about teens that have sex and, garsh, DON'T get pregnant.
Because guess what.
It's totally possible.
It's totally possible to prevent pregnancy.
And seriously, what about abortion? I would assume that on MTV (or my idea of what MTV should be) this could at least be a conversation. But apparently this is too controversial? Unless there was a "very special abortion episode" that I missed. Because honestly, I've only seen one and a half episodes.
Mostly due to the amount of vomit in my mouth.

In other news:
I would like to thank PO for treating me to a very special recession lunch the other day.
You totes didn't have to, and I'm totes appreciative.
And I'm really happy about your academic ways.
And I will help you study.
And by help I mean drink your beer and play with your dog.

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  1. Thanks for the TV update. I appreciate knowing that I will never watch 16 and Preggers or Ruby!

    You have saved a few hours of my life. I hope I can do some good in those few hours.