Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 116

As you know I've been fairly lucky with my library selections:
Music I've loved, books/authors I will continue reading, movies that don't suck!

Well the streak was bound to end.
Have you heard of a band called Anberlin?
I hadn't either.
So I decided to not judge cd's by the cover (oh how I wish cd's would come with like little blurbs on the back, "If you like Blippity Bloo, you will probably like this. Their power-pop, blah blah...I would find this helpful.)
So I plop the ol' cd into the disc drive so I can listen while tooling around the interwebs.
And itunes tells me it's "Christian/Gospel."
So I look at the lyrics, and nothing seems over Jesus vs. Satan, or filled with holy love.
So I think, well I will just give it a listen anyway.
Because I do love me some old school MWS and Amy Grant.
But instead it was that awful, like, Fall-Out Boy, icky nasal voices, fake punk/pop crap.
So I didn't hate it cos it was Christian.
But because it was bad.

I stayed on track (pun totally intended) and went for a run today.
It wasn't easy.
But I got through it.
I'm thinking of upping my run portion to 5 songs, rather than just four.
But I don't know.
I just don't know.

After the subsequent shower, we traveled down to Waterford to see my mom who was visiting my aunt.
I also got to see my "sister" Mya.
Mya is a dog.
And was procured after my brother and I had moved out, but before the divorce.
Pops generally has custody of Mya, but Mader was watching her this week while D was out in Colorado working for my uncle's catering company.
Adult Child of Divorce.
Maybe that could be the name of a new blog.
Or at least a band.

Foster news:
It appears my foster dog, Rice, will be adopted this weekend.
We knew he was just a short termer, but he is so good, and he's starting to act goofy with us.
We will miss him, but think that his new life on the road will be enjoyable and that his new mom will be very lucky!

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