Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 111

While I would love to say that today was filled with awesomeness and unicorns.
It wasn't.
I mean.
Don't get me wrong, it was a pretty good day.
Despite submitting my UI claim three days late, it still came on time.
Which, at this point, really just means the bills can continue getting paid.
Is this depressing?
Kind of.
But that is what the recession does to you, folks.

Another thing it does is make you prioritize what you really NEED.
For instance:
E gets weekly tips from his job.
Usually, providing we didn't go crazy the week before, we use his tips to buy groceries.
And since we get a weekly farm share, most of our groceries are super basics like cheese, eggs, and dry goods (rice, pasta, flours, etc.)
And one of the things we have deemed "appropriate" to buy is alcohol.
E usually gets a twelve pack of beer, I usually get a bottle of wine, one could argue that I should be drinking boxed wine, but I always pick a bottle out of the clearance cart.
If we ever get in the black again, I will continue my bulk wine purchasing ways and buy bottles from Trader Joe's. Cos the white really wasn't that bad at all.

In other news.
I had a delicious breakfast of home-made strawberry shortcake.
Although I totally dicked up the biscuit portion, they were still edible.
I also acidentally spilled too much vanilla into the whipped cream, so that was a little too "cool whip" tasting for me.
And I hate cool whip.
But all in all, for my first time making it.
I thought I did an alright job.
Not EVERYTHING I make can be awesome and perfect.
I mean.
Most of it is, but...

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