Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 106--classic blog included!

Today E and I worked on keeping the house some semblance of clean.
And by clean I mean straightened.
Nothing thrilling.

We went to Company K to get E some new tennis shoes, so I could pick up an ad (part of the interview is writing copy, so I needed to look at their style), and decided the rest of the day should be spent in air conditioning if at all possible.

We took a jaunt to superduper home improvement store to pick up some gardening supplies that were still needed, a hoe which had never been replaced from the attempted break-in a while ago.
An account of that can be read here, originally posted on my myspace page on the below date:
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Category: Automotive
Yeah, that's right. An automotive blog.
Take that.

So it doesn't bother me so much when vandalism/attempted break ins happen. That is all part of an "up and coming" neighborhood. But when there is no point to the breakins.

Well, I guess that is what I don't understand.

First we get the crazy drunk who breaks the window of our back hall with my garden tools.
Seriously. Then he tries to open the back door, again with my garden tools.

Really? You're so bad at being a drunken hoodlum that you can't even use your own tools to break in? And break into my back hall? What? Are you going to fit my washer and dryer thru the window? Cos I got a fiver that says that ain't happenin'. Of course, I took geometry and understand how shapes work.

Oh and I forgot, the reason we knew he was drunk was because the back hall stunk to high heaven like cheap cheap booze. That is way past 4 chocky martini drunk. that is like perma-drunk. Forills.

So that was a while ago, and I got over it pretty quickly, although I will have to get a new hoe and rake since that jerk face bent mine all to hell.

Then today Erin picks me up from work and the driver side back window is broken/smashed. But oh, if that were it. It's not even the BIG window, the one you can roll down, it's the little triangle window. The one that even if you DO break it, you can't reach the lock.

WHAT?!?! I mean what's the point of breaking a window if you're not trying to steal something. Not like the dill weeds would want our Johnny Cash cds or Patty's Rock Mix or Afterbar Glory.

The plus side is, is that out neighbor told us that our car was fine this morning when he was shoveling, which we knew, but it's nice that our nieghbors are somewhat cool.

So now we gotta shell out the bux to fix the stupid window taht serves no purpose anyway. I think back in the day it would have been a cigarette window, ya'll know what i'm talking about.


I suppose I should say that I myself am an old pro at breaking into houses. But I never broke anything, mostly just took tapes. yeah. Cassette tapes and looked around at stuff. I was a very intellectual breaker inner. Of course I haven't done this in like 10 years, but still...

WILL work on the screen play tonight. I've just got to.

DEAN got adopted!:) By his newer foster family. That really makes me happy.

I made REALLY good fake chicken noodle soup last night. Why oh why are kluski noodles so AWESOME???? Seriously, they are the Beatles of noodles. Any polacks out there? Gimme a hell yeah!

I think I am also going to paint my nails tonight, like a real live girl.

So kids, on this most Holy of days, St. Valentine's, I wish all of you LOVE and smart thugs.

I hope you all enjoyed that blast from the past. I've decided I might start posting "classic" blogs, as I don't use myspace too much, and I had some funny shit going down back in the days of having jobs. We'll see. I should probably concentrate on keeping this one up to date.

After the hoe purchase we trekked off to the libes, as "Confederacy of Dunces" is coming to an end and I don't like to have gaps in reading. Sure I have books here that need to be read, but I like to alternate between owned/borrowed books and books from the library.

Upon returning home from the libes we found the house to be extremely warm. E had the brills idea of taking in a movie, as we actually have some gift cards that need to be used. He decided on "The Hangover" because we had heard it was funny, it was one of the movies that fit into our time slot, and there was air conditioning, and the library isn't open 24 hours.

In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much.
Which could be why I found the movie to be really funny.
And afterwards, E and I couldn't exactly decide what was so funny, but we were literally cracking up.
One of my favorite parts was the Lone Wolf speech by the future brother in law.
I couldn't stop giggling.
"I didn't know they give out rings at the Holocaust."
And let's be real.
It's totally crude, but hilarious.
Sure there were some gay jokes I didn't think were necessary, but barring that, funny stuff.
Well done, mainstream Hollywood.

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