Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 100 (throws confetti, does happy dance)

Who's going to buy me a drink?

As I am but a poor, weary, non-paid blogger, in celebration of my first 100 days of blogging, I decided to change up the look of the ol' blog-train, and decided to add a poll.
Welcome to the 21st century, Victim of the Recession, this blog is now interactive.
Well for the next 6 days, anyway.

Although I was out later than expected the night before, I woke up in plenty of time to research my destination, get prepped, the yuge.

The psuedo-interview seemed to go well. The only glitch was that I don't have Dreamweaver experience.
But I tend to sell myself short on my computer skills, when in actuality, I'm not dumb, and I tend to figure things out "okay" on my own.
Or by reading instruction manuals.
Either way, I tend to figure it out, I just don't like it when I don't know the ins & outs of a particular program.
So that was the worst part of it, she didn't seem TOO concerned with that notion, and she just kind of went over the position again, and asked me a couple more in-depth questions.
Very business casual, but comfortable.
The next step? She passes my info to the account manager (remember it's a recruiting place) that works with Company K and then hopefully they will want to meet me.
And hire me.

The rest of the day was supposed to be spent cleaning, but E (and, subsequently, I) had a meeting with a friend of ours in regards to a documentary we want to shoot regarding our favorite topic: women and baseball. As luck would have it, she is a grant writer and has volunteered her services.
We met with her to give her an idea of what said film was about, our proposed budget for film, and our thoughts in general?
She brought up some great points, and gave us kudos for being so prepared (an actual company that she has just started free-lancing for was nowhere near as prepared as we were when she met with them).
It felt good to talk about a project, although we really can't do anything unless we get SOME funding, because you ain't messin' with no gold-diggers.
You are messin' with some broke-y brokes.

After the meeting we headed to our favorite recession-hangout:
The Washington Park Library.
I know it seems as if I talk about this place non-stop, but I truly can't get over it.
What is not to love?
If they don't have the book/music/movie that you want, chances are they can get it for you.
And if they can't?
You could most likely reserve it and pick it up at the library that does have it.
You know what would make the library perfect?
If they sold alcohol.
I'm being serious.
You get a listening booth like at one of those old boutique-y record stores and you listen to your music while drinking a red.
You sit at a cube with a beer and read the latest Douglas Coupland novel.
Maybe that should be my goal.
To make a place to read/listen to music, drink, and bring your dog.
Cos that would be the trifecta.

We didn't get any books, because I'm currently reading "Confederacy of Dunces" and E had just renewed his weirdo historical fiction. It's still weird for me to see E reading, so it still makes me giggle when I think of:
1. him reading
2. what he's reading, cos I don't think we could have more opposite tastes in books.

After the libes we settled in our messy house, vowing that it would be clean the next day.

The phone rings and I see it's the company that I had interviewed with the week before, the interview I though went, NSH.
(not so hot, for those of you who don't speak Starbuck)
Guess who has some intuition?!
That is right.
The author of this blog.
(On a sidenote, author was a word I always mis-spelled as a child, and I was a really good speller.)
Apparently I was one of the finalists, out of 500 applicants, and while I came right down to the wire, I didn't get the job.
While it was a bit of an ego-boost to think that I beat out 500 (or I guess 498) applicants, close only counts in horse-shoes and hand grenades.
Or as E said, "Too bad you don't get paid for second place."
So so true.

To finish the night off I took in the Brewers game, which was a win, but not quite the slug-fest that it was the night before.
The bats have awoken which is a good thing.
We look for the sweep tomorrow.
No easy task on the road, versus an American League team.

I finished up disc one of "Angels in America" and truly feel this film/play would be worth a whole class of dissection.
I can't decide what to focus on in the film, and thus can't decide what to interpret/dissect.
Perhaps the author was doing to much? Perhaps it's a huge metaphor that I'm not grasping.
Although I'm drawn to the abandonment issues that are prevalent in the film, and feel this could be the metaphor I'm looking for.
Even if you're not a fan of the story (and the sub-title for the play is entirely correct; "A Gay Fantasia on National Themes"), the acting is superb and it's directed supremely. The music got a little old, I would have preferred a glam rock/christian rock score, but what can you do?

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