Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 102

Well my love affair with the library just won't quit.
As some of you know, I'm not an orderly person.
My house is almost always a mess, always a-clutter, I'm always running late, the usual for a highly UN-type A person.

But I think as people we need some sort of order.
Since I'm not really getting that anywhere in my life I like to make lists at the start of each day.
I like to go in order at the library.
I'm currently in the A's for authors of fiction books, and in the A's for music.
While this does mean I have listened to some pretty weird albums, I never would have given a second chance, this also means that sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

This week's surprise was Audience's "House on the Hill."
I kind of know music.
Old proggy music anyway.
And I had never heard of this band, but the second I put it on I loved it.
It was like a mix of Jethro Tull, Yes, Moody Blues, etc.
So once again the libes pulls through.

Upon watching my share of "The Daily Show," I've learned that there is apparently a huge debacle taking place in regards to healthcare reform.
While I understand "The Daily Show" isn't the best place to get my news, it's the only news program I can stomach, minus listening to the BBC news on NPR in the morning.
Anyway, so while watching Jon Stewart be pithy and funny I learned that a lot of people don't want government provided healthcare.
I'm guessing these people all have insurance, and only know people who have insurance, or have unlimited resources to pay for medical care of some disease such as AIDS or cancer, or god forbid something like a birth.
All are prohibitively expensive.
Anyway, the big argument seems to be from people (and I'm not saying dems or repugs here, because I'm currently not ecstatic with the lack of support the dems are giving Obama on this issue) that how can the government run anything? Have you waited in line at the DMV? Do you want your dr. office to run like that?

First of all, where are they going to the doctor that they don't have to wait? Some fancy shmancy doc that makes house calls? It has become habit for me to call ahead to see if the doc is running on time, and even if they say yes, more often than not I still have to wait 10-15 minutes.

Second of all, the government runs lots of things that I necessarily don't want to do on my own:
take criminals off the streets (the police), put out fires (the fire dept.), take my garbage, mail my letters for a reasonaly priced 44 cents.

Third of all, I have no insurance right now (because I seriously know no one who can afford COBRA when they are not working). I would wait an hour or so if it means that I get to see a doctor. But maybe that is just me. Does it suck? Sure, but I guess it's better than dying of untreated pnuemonia.
And that's presuming the government-run healthcare will be run like the DMV, which doesn't really make sense because it's a government health plan, so it would be like instead of Aetna insurance, I have USA insurance.

I guess I just don't understand why almost every other country of stature in the world can have healthcare available to citizens and we are like "We're America! We're Awesome! But you can only have health insurance if you're working full time at selected companies."

Want to read a bit more? had a great article you can read here.

In other recession news:
I have an interview for the freelance job on Wednesday!
It's early in the morning (like at 9) and part of the interview is a copywriter test where they give me an object and I write copy for it.
Which is pretty similar to what I did for the job in Waukegan.
We will see.
It's just for eight weeks so it's hard to get super duper excited.
Plus I don't like to get all high on a particular job because, well, I still haven't gotten one.

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  1. I have worked with Gov't entities and I have to tell you, money gets wasted BIG, there are so many politics and favors and deals going's really dirty and subsequently, part of the reason I too am out of a job at the moment.
    With that said, what if Joe Public Blow needed a heart and was next in line but, Senator from either party's daughter needed one too and he used his clout to make sure she moved to the front of the line and essentially steals Joe's heart (BTW, no relation to Joe the Plumber) do you know that kind of shenanigans won't happen...and have you ever been to a VA hospital? Scary. I bet there will still be private healthcare that is really good but only afforded by the uber rich which then smacks of some sort of caste system that creates "elites"...and isn't that what this whole thing was trying to avoid between the haves and the have nots? Just some thoughts...and then there's the whole part where people who work and pay taxes have to basically give up more of their hard earned money to cover the guy who decides he's not going to work and share in the cost of this national healthcare effort...but, the first time his tum-tum hurts, you bet he'll be going to stand in the doctor line.