Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 96--Women & Baseball special!!!

Today was spent blogging.
Lots and lots of blogging.

I had let the ol' blog fall by the wayside so I decided to take matters into my own hands.
And I recapped my recession filled life.
As I was about a week and a half behind, this really did take quite sometime.

E and I then traveled to the Brewer game.
Brewers vs. the White Sox, the first of a three game series.
I believe it was my first White Sox game of recent memory, but I can say with full confidence:

White Sox fans are 100% less douchey than Cubs fans:
1. They didn't boo their team (which I don't like at all, as it is not exhibiting true sportsmanship).
2. They stayed for the whole game (and the Crew was up 7-2 in the top of the 9th)
2. Some Sox fans sitting in front of us actually engaged us in conversation (okay maybe a little too much conversation, but better than yelling expletives at Brewer players/fans, I suppose).
3. They not only talked about Milwaukee, and how much they liked the city,but baseball, which in my experience, Cubs fans never do. Mostly because they are:
a. too drunk
b. mouths are full of Miller Park's awesome concessions/bevvies
c. Cubs fans don't really know anything about baseball
d. They're too busy yelling nonsense threats to Lou Pinella or Brewer fans.

This is not to say I didn't see some jerk White Sox fans, but I see jerk Brewer fans at every game. So I take them with a grain of salt.

I would also like to point out the sheer effing RIDICULOUSNESS of the GD Miller Cheerleaders.
The Diamond Dancers I believe they are called.
Since when does Baseball need cheerleaders?
Actually, since when does any sport need cheerleaders, to be perfectly honest, but this is in reference to Brewers Baseball.
The girls are dressed in typical stipper-slutty sparkly outfits and while their moves aren't incredibly lewd (Thank god for small favors), their dance before the game was pointless. The song had nothing to do with getting the crowd or the teams pumped up, in fact, I would say it wasn't really a prototypical dance tune.
As if having to watch booty-shaking dance/fitness majors from UWM wasn't bad enough at the start of the game, they even had a dance for that good ol' 7th inning stretch.
They have a dance for "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

If a dance show is REQUIRED for Brewers baseball, which let's be real, I think a dozen people in the audience were watching, let's have it be from local college teams, or high school teams. Teams that are doing high-class stunts "Bring It On" style. I'm not doubting their athletic ability, just it's place at a baseball game (and dare I say it, basketball and football games).
Doesn't this just promote the notion that women are to be looked at and admired rather than actually contributing anything? Let's not forget the comment that Mets' announcer Hernandez made in 2006, in regards to the San Diego Padres' massage therapist, which was, "I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout."
This begs the question of where DO women belong then?
We can be on the Supreme Court, but not rubbing out a tweaked calf muscle in a major league dugout.

Tonight's game also taught me that although I have to have some knowledge about baseball, as I keep score, and keep score well, I might add, if a neighbor has a question, they will ask E. and not me.

Case in point:
Bottom of the 6th.
Two outs.
Crew is down by a run.
Pitcher is due up to bat.
Now Suppan isn't an ace by any means.
On a good day he is a work horse, an innings eater.
And I suppose one would say that this was the case for this day.
So the Sox intentionally walk Kendall to get to the pitcher.
All of the Brewer fans think we will just pinch hit for Suppan.
But Macha leaves him in.
No one can figure it out (although to be fair he only had 77 pitches going into the 7th, which is a decent count).
So we shrug our shoulders and cheer on "Sooooouuuuuuuuppppppp" which can sound like "Boo" but I'm fairly confident that the crowd was saying "Sooouuuupppp."
The guy sitting behind us taps E on the shoulder and asks him why he would do that?
E just kind of shrugs his shoulder, and we continue to cheer on as Suppan gets a bloop single that scores the tying run.
I look in my scorebook and see that at the top of the 7th Suppan has to face the bottom of their order, which TOGETHER might have an average of .200, remember the pitcher doesn't hit in AL games.
Add that to the fact that Supes has been pitching well that game, only has 77 pitches, and did actually get a hit earlier in the all kind of makes sense.
Sure, if it would have backfired we would be cursing Macha, but in the end it began a rally for the Crew.
I guess girls' do know some stuff.

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  1. Jess, we were at Friday night's game, too! Good win for the Crew!