Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 104

Today was the grad party.
Good times.
The usual food.
The veggie pizza I made was incredibly salty thanks to the stupid ranch dressing mix I bought.
And it wasn't even brought out until we were about to leave.
Which was okay, as it cost like $10 to make, and I wanted to take it home even if you needed to drink a gallon of water with it.

After a day in the sun, playing bags, talking to relatives, pseudo planning a bridal shower for another cousin, EW, E and I had to head home.

I had a ladies night planned.
Usually I would say girls' night.
But as one is a new mom, that makes her a lady.
So the crew got together at had a delicious dinner at Byron's which is on the river.
If you haven't been there, I highly reccommend it.
While the patio was pretty busy, the inside of the restaurant was fairly dead.
Drinks are reasonable, decent veggie fare, and they have a great patio.
After a bit of a snafu of the bill, nothing major, (a drink was left on, my meal was left off, some confusion of my drinks), we all got buy one, get one drink cards! SWEET!
Needless to say we would head back there anyway, but that sealed the deal.
Another plus?
There was absolutely no confusion over the bill.
Everyone put in what they owed, with tip.
And once added up?
T'was great.
There was a larger group of what appeared to be multiple families who were letting their effing kids run around.
With waitresses carrying glassware non-stop.
And as it was busy, the patio was full.
I was super close to saying something, but we were ending our time there shortly.
I'm fine with children, but if you can't find a sitter for your night out boozing with friends, then maybe you should have a bbq at home.
Or control your god-damn kids.
Is this harsh?
Probably, but if I ever acted like that in a restaurant, that would be the end of it.
The end of going out to eat, and quite possibly, my life.

While we didn't booze it up as much as I would have liked, it was an early night for those who don't consider themselves locked-in ladies (ladies who get themselves locked into bars after closing--enabling them to keep drinking and commiserating); BP, the mom, was tired, I think she was just trying to be nice when she told me she had a small buzz. JL & SN had spent the day in the sun, and JL had to leave early the next day for market in NY. AA, trooper that she is decided to continue on, after we dropped off BP, to L's.
Our favorite watering hole.
While it was fairly crowded, and AA literally left the second she took a sip of her soda (understandably so, as there was a long story or RH, her bf, sleeping already...) PO and I had some really ridick/awesome conversation about college, dogs, comic book movies, feminism and Christian Bale.

A pretty typical night, I suppose.

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