Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 92

Recession news:
New interview!
Well kind of.
It's with the same company that I phone interviewed/took assesments for. Apparently the hiring managers thought I was worth a look-see at.
So I will be interviewing on Wednesday at 1 pm.
Wish me some sort of luck.

In other news today it started out cold, then warmed up rather pleasantly, albeit quickly, and then there were tornado warnings and sirens abounding.
All news said it was south of us so I didn't have to take the dogs into the basement or any such thing like that, but we did have to hear the tornado sirens for about a half and hour.
And then it rained.
And then it was done.
There wasn't even any thunder or lightning from where we stood.
If I'm hearing tornado sirens I want thunder.
The way you love me is frightening.
Wait, wha???

Later in the day we had our First Annual Cold Spring Park Board meeting.
And guess who got re-elected to the board?!?!
Right here.
I got your CSP Board Members...
Right down here.
Sorry, that was from high school.
And I wonder why I can't use my powers for good rather than mindless drivel.
So another illustrious year of leading CSP out of the darkness of the ghetto and into the light of suburbia.
Jay kay.
Jay kay.
And let's be real. It was an uncontested race. So if I dropped out and put Super on the ballot, she probably would have won.
Still don't know about my position but I'm gunning for secretary again or veep.
It was a good time.

The meeting itself went okay, I would have liked a better turn out but to quote MG, "Whatever."
I kept myself from being negative during the SOHI presentation, so I thought I did a good job that way. And we found out that the Chinese restaurant is good, per the Alderman, so I'm hoping for the best, our next meeting will be held there so I will keep you posted.

On the docket for tomorrow?
Great America!!!
You are totally jealous, aren't you???

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