Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 93

Today I woke up at 430 in the morning, couldn't get back to sleep so actually got out of bed at 5am and read my book, The Future of Love by Shirley Abbott.
I know the book sounds totally lame, but is actually pretty good, and it reminds me of something I might write. It also reminds me I shouldn't judge a book by it's title, and is my first book of the A's in the Washington Park Libes. But in full disclosure I did skip a book that was laden with an African-English dialect and I can't handle reading dialects. I will only do so when forced, otherwise I feel it's not worth it, generally.
Anyway, Abbott's work kept me entertained and yet was literary. And as an added bonus I will be looking for more of her work at the libes, although it appears this was her first work of fiction.

I put a sizeable dent in the book and then watched...wait for it...
The Nanny Diaries.
Which was actually, a lot better than I thought it would be. I missed the last five minutes, where I assume she meets the guy with the a-hole friends at his beach home, which I'm sure you know I would love to do without.
But I could be wrong, maybe she doesn't hook up with him to which I would say "Yay!" as I really feel it would change the dynamic of the movie.
So I can't give a full review of the film, but I can say it was decent up to the last 10 minutes.

I had to give up on the last 10 minutes of the film because we were on our way to Great American with our neighbors' foreign exchange student, MK. She's leaving soon and Great America was on her list of things to do while she was here.

So we went, again, for the second time in as many weeks I believe.
And while it was busier, we still got to go on the Superman twice, AND since MK was with I got to do the Giant Drop, which was scarier than I expected, but oh-so-fun.
Not so fun?
The last ride we went on, where we got completely effing soaked.
And then had to walk to the car and drive home in soaking wet clothes.
Boo-zoes to that.

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