Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 88--Too Late to Apologize?

Apologies apologies.
I'm the bearer of broken promises.
I promise to stay on the up and up with the blogosphere.
And it's come to this.
Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to that of "Captain of the H.M.S. Flake."

So I hope it's not "Too Late to 'Pologize (too late!)" and here I am begging forgiveness once again.

But the good news is, is that apparently I had quite a busy week and a half and I should be able to recount said days in chronological order.

Today was a day of leisure. There really is no way around it. We had made plans to hang out with K&E and have a Mexican/MLB Monopoly night.
The alliteration was just an added bonus.
So we had delicious enchiladas and spanish rice, and talked about the good ol' days of Sbux, the bad new days of Sbux, and chided K for being an AL fan.
All in good fun of course.
I also, in perfect Jj fashion made a complete ASS out of myself whilst complaining about a former manager of mine, who happened to be friends with K.
Way to go Jj.
Way to go.
I haven't felt so embarassed since...
Seriously, I can't really think of a time.
In my defense, I really, truly did think she was a horrible manager, and I probably shouldn't have used so many personal perjoratives to describe said managing style.
So maybe she is a great person to have a drink with, and not work with.
Sorry KW, sorry.
I wish I could blame the recession for my behavior, but alas, I'm afraid I've always been a bit of the c-word. True.

We like hanging out with K&E because they are crazy animal people like we are.
Except they like cats, which is weird for us, cos we like dogs.
Except we like greyhounds, which are like big cats, except maybe with more of a penchant for taco dip.
My favorite line of the night:
Jj: Super's not really a great mouser.
ES: Super would only like a mouse if it was covered in taco dip.
So so true.

MLB Monopoly News:
I started off strong, but lost it all in the end and was content to finish off my bottle of wine watching ES slowly build his empire.
At 2 am he was declared champion by a tired KW and EC.

I would have done better if it was Triva Pursuit.
Which no one will play with me.


  1. Glad to have a new post!

    The toco dip comment totally happened at tour house...unless you repeat your jokes. ha ha

  2. Maybe I was telling you what they said???
    I'm 99% positive that ES said it while we were playing with the cats.

    I bet I just told it to you...