Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 95

While the hooch I brought to the BBQ was delicious at the time, I PROBABLY (hindsight is 20/20) should have eaten something before drinking ALL of it.
Because as much as I love veggie burgers, they NEVER do me good after a night of drinking.

So needless to say.
I slept in.
And had a headache.

The good news?
It was the perfect pretense to take in the Brewer game.
A game they lost, but at least (well not at least) they are putting up SOME kind of a fight.
I suppose one could say that is the good news.
Of the last five games we lost, we lost by one run in four of the them...the other one was by two runs.
But I'm kind of done with losing.
We need to win if we want to keep our lead in the NL Central which has now dwindled to a mere half game lead over the Cards.
And it's not like we play well vs. the American League.
The plus, is that most NL teams don't play well vs. the AL.
One glimmer of hope I guess.

Other than the ball game, I spent a rather cool day in the house, finishing up my book, which I can say I enjoyed and would recommend to others.
Next on my reading list?
Confederacy of Dunces, which I've heard only good things about, so we will see.
Obs I will keep you posted.

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