Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 85

I really did have grand plans for today.
Mostly they involved jogging and blogging.
Rhymetown USA.

Unfortunately, a threat of rain (and the subsequent getting wet) kept me inside.
So E and I had to drive (rather than walk) to the library to pick up some new books, return bad cd's (The Atari's, the A section has not been treating me all that well as of late...but I have Air now so am expecting a little more), and get new movies.

We did all of the above, and then traveled to Outpost to stock up on our bulk goods, and some non-bulk goods. We are getting really good at not spending a ton of money there. Since we had just bought about 10 pounds of flour, E had some tips leftover so we decided to go to Target to see if we could find some glass jars, since I need big ones, and I have been having a hard time finding even small ones at the stores of thrift.
But in a pleasant turn of events, they had huge jars for like $13. Which we were quite excited about. They easily will hold at least 10lbs of flour each, and we also bought a smaller one for the wheat flour, which will hold probably 5lbs of flour.
This may seem like an insane amount of flour for non-amish folk.
But we make almost all of our bread products, and I like to make them a little healthier so I will use whole wheat flour. Plus with all the ridiculous baking I've been doing's a lot of flour kids.
But E and I were both happy with our purchase (and we had some $$$ leftover! When does that happen???) and we now have pretty jars for our flour, which had been causing us some stress.
We're not stressed because I don't have a job, but because we didn't have adequate storage for our flour.
This is my life.

Upon arriving home, we did a little quick clean of the kitchen, put away (or "up" as E. says) the goods and decided to watch a movie. Since we had a couple of hours before the Brewer game started.
The problem was that we each rented movies from the library and didn't want to watch what the other person picked out.
E. had checked out Taken starring Liam Neeson. Bleah.
I had checked out Angels in America with lots of famous people. But he didn't want to watch that. Which I kind of understand as he's been watching Band of Brothers, which is heavy, and it's not like Angels in America is light fare. It's about a group of seemingly unrelated people dealing with the AIDS crisis in the mid-80s.
So we settled on an Amy Heckerling film called I Could Never Be Your Woman which was actually really funny and good.
And it had Paul Rudd in it.
Who is Totes McGotes dreamy.

For dinner I made a blue-cheese/apple/almond salad with some of the greens from our crop share. E thought the salad was a little sweet, but I thought it was delicious.

We then took in a bit of the Brewers game until Jorge Julio gave up a babillion runs and I had to turn it off for fear my blood pressure would give me a heart attack.

I decided to try out my library movie. While I loved it, and definitely want to see it in its' entirety, the DVD stopped working less than half way through. I have since requested another copy from the library, because it was quite good, the hour I saw of it anyway.
Plus I don't think Mary Louise Parker can do any wrong.

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