Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 91

Today was one of the most wholesome, yet fun days I've had in a while.
To celebrate my aunt and cousin-in-law's birthday, they planned a family softball game.
To be perfectly honest, I hadn't played softball, since the CSP/Concordia game a couple of years ago.
And I did not do a good job that time.
I was bumped from first to the outfield.
This game.
I showed 'em my skills.
Due to the fact that no one else took first, I took it, thinking I could re-live my freshman year softball antics.
Although apprehensive at first, I have to say I did pretty well.
Most of the balls I fielded were from Z whom I've mentioned before as the prospective baseball player of the family.
So these were some bullets.
Me pops also told me that while I was playing catcher (the at-bat team had to provide their own catcher) I, too, threw some bullets.
Also a little known fact:
I'm an opposite field hitter.
So much that they had to put the shift on while I hit.
Which I then beat at my next at bat.
I got accolades from everyone, mostly because I think I was the only girl who did any type of fielding or hitting.
But I'll take it.
And it totally made me want to play softball.
But I'm nervous about joining a league because I don't want it to be serious because I'm not that good.
I will just have to save my talents for the annual softball game, or arrange one myself.
I can only imagine I would get better if I played every week, as my skills were improving as the game went on.

By the time we were heading home we already could feel the soreness seeping in.
Being old is so so lame.

In other news, for their birthdays I made them (big shocker here) mixed cd's.
Is it lame that this is what I do for everyone's birthday/life event?
1. I don't have a job, and sometimes I do purchase a song if it's incredibly necessary.
2. Numerous people have told me I am a good mixed cd maker.
3. I really enjoy doing it.
4. I think there is a level of personal-ness that goes into it.

So I made them mixed cd's.
For my aunt:
Feelin' Fine at 49
1. We've Only Just Begun--
Grant Lee Buffalo
2. Feelin' the Same Way--
Norah Jones
3. Cecilia--
Simon & Garfunkel
4. Poison Ivy--
The Coasters
5. With a Little Help From My Friends--
Joe Cocker
6. Wizard of Oz (main title)--
MGM Orchestra
7. Forever Young--
8. Waterloo--
9. Ventura Highway--
10. Pick Up the Pieces--
Average White Band
11. No Matter What--
12. The General Specific--
Band of Horses
13. Summer Breeze--
Seals & Croft
14. Big Sun--
Eddie Vedder
15. Let 'Em In--
Paul McCartney
16. At the Hop--
Devendra Banhart
17. Beloved Wife--
Natalie Merchant
18. Bitterblue--
Cat Stevens

I thought it was a good mix of stuff she liked, and I liked. And who would think that a 49 year old born-again would be listening to Band of Horses or Devendra Banhart?

And for the cousin-in-law:
Talkin' Jive at 25
1. Feel Good Inc.--Gorillaz
2. Maneater--Hall & Oates
3. Let Go--
Frou Frou
4. Too Big for Gidget--
The Brunettes
5. Take a Chance--
The Magic Numbers
6. Sun, Sun, Sun--
The Elected
7. The Frug--
Rilo Kiley
8. Chick Habit--
April March
9. No One's Gonna Love You--
Band of Horses
10. Close to Me--
The Cure
11. And She Was--
The Talking Heads
12. Silly Love Songs--
13. Basement Apt.--
Sarah Harmer
14. Time--
Alan Parsons Project
15. The Bleeding Heart Show--
The New Pornographers
16. Fake Empire--
The National
17. Family Tree--
Belle & Sebastian
18. Brimfull of Asher--

Way more indie but still had some good old ones that everyone should know and love.
I hope you don't find it vain that I put the mixes on here, it's just that a lot of people ask what goes on them, so I thought I would oblige ahead of time.

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