Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 107--pre-recession blog inside!

Let's see.
It's a scorcher.
There really is no other way to put it.
If you don't believe me there was a heat advisory today.
But since I am a brave soul, I braved the heat (it's not so much the heat, but the humidity--whoever came up with this is ridick) and worked in the garden.
For two hours.
And that is when I learned, my ankles could sweat.
For they were sweating.
Water was dripping from my nose constantly, hindering my work.

I did get about half of my bed weeded, and helped E spread the gravel on our slab.
And then we called it quits.
Sweaty ankles and all.

The rest of the day is spent sweating.
What more can I say?

Because this is probably the world's shortest blog, I've included yet another "vintage pre-recession" blog, written this very same week last year...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Current mood: awake
Category: Parties and Nightlife

So it was a pretty typical night at L's.

And by typical I mean completely bonkers.
Mamby pamby if you will.
Which was a term I actually used on Saturday night.
Whilst playing bar dice.

Pre party at JW's complete with JC, vodka and tonic for JJ, Pacifico for PO, and pizza rolls for Jj.

I was the designated driver.

JJ and PO proceed to get pretty tipsy at JW's.
I eat hummus (daintily, not by the handfuls, that is a winterfest-only activity) and bugles and pizza rolls.

Have Bugles, Will Travel.
We head to L's.


We sit at the bar.
JJ learns alot about UFC, and places bets on the fighters (???).
We freak J out (at first) but by the end of the night he likes our company.
Or so he says.

JW makes friends and gets a shot from the drunkest or most retarded person ever. None of us could tell.

We decide we should learn how to play bar dice, sitting at the bar and all.
So we do.

Shots for the drunk ensue.
Shots shots shots.

JJ, PO, and I not so subtle-y check out J's ass.

We play Jenga, which turns into retard-Jenga (that is from winterfest!!!)

PO argues with someone who keeps referring to JJ as the nice one, PO the mean one. I had no label as I don't think I was drunk enough to par-take in the snap-judgement game.

JW goes home with his cutey-pie (FINALLY!!!) gf.
We continue to sit at the bar which shocks and awes the regular bar-sitting patrons.

I get blamed for the Janesville GM plant closing, when it was clearly PO's doing.

PO gets a glance from J/B and then an awkward hi.
I think if he could not be such a huge girl about it, *something* could happen.
Or at least we'd have something to blog about.

The car ride home reeks of booze with JJ passed out in the back, and PO singing in a falsetto voice (a falsetto child?) to music that isn't even on the radio.

I get home and promptly throw up because as my reward for being the good DD and staying sober, God gives me a migraine, which then incapacitates me all of Sunday.

In other news:
I will be venturing to California where the interweb may be sparse.
But barring any catastrophes I shall return with blogs galore and maybe pix too.


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