Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 99

Recession News!
Recession News!

Upon completing my run yesterday, and after my 100 crunches (seriously, age is so not nice to ladies), I received a phone call from a potential job. I honestly had no idea what job it was in reference to, and I was still in my sweat-drenched clothes.

Fortunately for me the woman asked if it was an okay time, and since I have actually been reading about phone/live interviews, I knew it would not be looked down upon if I asked her to postpone. I told her I just got in from a run and just needed to shower and such. She scheduled the phone call for about an hour later, which at first I thought was weird, but then thought, "Nice. Might as well get the ball rolling, here."

Before hopping in the shower I logged into one of my babillion job-seeker sites to figure out exactly what this position was for.
And that is when I realized it was a freelance position, and that the woman calling me was actually a type of recruiter.
Hey, when the market is as slim as it is, you apply to everything under the sun, and sometimes you lose track, or in my case, don't really pay attention.
BUT, freelancing does seem pretty grown-up if you ask me.
Thru my awesome research skills I presume the job is for the competitor of the company that tossed me off their sinking ship.
She calls me, asks me some questions about my rezzy, tells me about the job itself (my presumption was correct, Company K being a direct competitor of BT Supercenter). But the job really does sound great, very similar to what I was doing before, and pays very similar.
The catch?
Well being a freelance position it's just for 8 weeks (covering for medical leave) and they are in a hiring freeze, while the woman told me they are really hoping the hiring freeze is lifted soon as they are all starting to feel the crunch, I'm not going to hold my breath.
But I do figure it would be a good way to get my foot in the door and maybe do some portfolio updates.
She wants to set up a face-to-face, and since she is super-efficient, or so it seems, we set up a wee-interview-type-thing for the next day at 1030.

While waiting for the phone to ring from the recruiter-esque person, PO called recruiting me for my other job...barfly.
She said the magic words of JJ and drinks and I immediately agreed as it has been FOREVER since I hung out with JJ and even longer since we've all been together in our natural setting--a bar. I do give her the caveat that I do have a pseudo interview the next day and need to be in a decent state of mind (no headache, no emesis). She concurs and the plan is set.
1030 at FF.

After the phone stopped ringing E and I had to make a run for some chow.
Dog and human chow.
Poor Super was down to her last cup of kibble, and E felt like some fancy fast food.

We get home and I settle in to watch the Brewer game.
Oh Brewers.
You had a heartbreaker yesterday, can you come back today and eke out a win?
On Major League Day?
Oh Lawdy yes.
And since they played the Indians, and they had a score of a football game, they even got some decent coverage on ESPN!
Shock and awe, ya'll.
Shock and awe.
The final score?
14-12, with the Brewers winning.
Down by 5 in the 7th, a run scores (I can't find out/remember who scored said run, making me think I need to keep score at home now.)
And then the 8th happens.
And we score 6.
First EVER MLB Grand Slam for Fielder.
And let's be clear:
It was a from a lefty, and it was the first pitch, and it was a no-diggity-doubter.
You knew the second it left the bat it was gone daddy gone.
It was a great game.
Sure I yelled at the tv some, I'm not a fan of being down by five twice in a game, but you gotta love a team that does give up.
And if watching a fabulous come from behind win wasn't enough, I still had a night of drinking to do!

What was supposed to be 1 or 2 turned into 3 delicious ciders and lots of girl talk.
And we were locked into a whole new bar this time.
I guess we're just really good at our jobs.

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