Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 81 (cont'd): These are the fables on my street.

It never fails.
I try to get ahead of the whole blogging game by blogging about a days activity before said say is over, and...

Yesterday, after finishing up the old VOTR blog, my CSP bestie, MG called me so we could do some neighborhood lit-drops.
We are having the first annual Cold Spring Park Spring Fling, and we are deathly afraid no one will be there as the newsletters were JUST delivered yesterday. So we had our suspicions. However being the good pres and vp that we are we will sometimes be completely un-green and go around and drop 1/4 sheets of reminding people of the event. As much as we hate to do these, we find it really does up the attendance of an event.

So we went around CSP dropping the 1/4 sheets, talking up kids, and meeting new neighbors.
As soon as MG and I parted ways there was a group of young men (early teens/tweens maybe) and I thought they might have been talking about me. But I wasn't sure, because my ears have been plugging up as of lately.
But then I heard something about a "brown Brewers" and "doesn't she know about the cubs" type comment.
I was wearing a brown Brewers sweatshirt, so I assumed this comment was about me. So I spun around (surprising the bejesus out of them) and said:
"Are you SERIOUSLY talking about me right now?"
Of course they denied it, but started walking down my street with me.
All of them talking to me at once, so I was having about 4 different conversations.
I then looked behind me as a kid was talking to me and found his friend BLATANTLY staring at my behind and making "ooh damn" noises.
Jj no likey.
So I pointed at him and yelled "You DO NOT talk to women like that!"
He and his friends were incredibly embarassed, his friends apologizing for him and asking him "Why you gotta be like that?"
He crossed the street and refused to make eye contact with me again.
Presumably embarassed at his actions.

To be perfectly honest, I PROBABLY wouldn't have taken this course of action if the boys had been older, but I've been thinking alot about this lady as men driving/walking through our neighborhood have a habit of yelling things at you as you're walking your dog or "jalking" even though you have ear buds in.
Most of the time the comments are completely inoccuous, like "What kind of dog is that?" but sometimes they get borderline creepy, as in "You stay around here? Are you married?"
Because if there is one thing I've learned.
Some people in my neighborhood don't "live" here.
They "stay" here.
I could go into how I learned about this phenomenon in a beginning lingquistics course I took, and how this reflects their socio-economic background.
But I'm trying to keep in light here.

So I felt incredibly great about my decision, and plan on doing it more often, should the occasion arise.
I hope I won't have to, as I'm sure I'm already known as the mean-white-lady-with-the-running-dogs.

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  1. WAYYYY to go JJ. You stand up for your Milwaukee Proper lady friends!