Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 81

Today was quite the recession day.

First of all I had a "pre-employment assessment" with a company I had applied for a while ago. The phone interview, was apparently, a success as they wanted me in to fill out an application, take this assessment and drop of samples, always a good thing.

So upon getting dressed for the interview I learn that my pants are essentially unhemmed on one leg, which is not going to work. So at the last minute I have to switch up the ol' interview outfit. E. said I looked nice when picking him up, so hopefully that is the case.

The test(s) itself was half super hard and half-think-I-did-okay.
The first part was picking out patterns in letters, and figuring which came next i.e. letter is???
Of course they were a lot more difficult than that.
After the letter section, I moved onto a graphic section.
Which I found more difficult.
Not feeling great after this section, I though the math part would be a welcome respite to the testing.
I was 100% wrong.
It was like the quintessential nightmare math question, except instead of two trains, it was two copiers printing at different speeds.
I'm pretty sure I got 95% of the questions I actually completed wrong.
And I can do basic algebra, but this was going beyond basic.
And apparently math is not like a bike, where you pick it up where you left off.
Because I know there was a time in my life where I succeeded at math when I actually tried.
Not so much the case here.
Then came the personality test!
I flew through that, as there are no right or wrong asnwers and just tried to answer honestly.
Then there was a vocab test, then business words/recall which was, interestingly enough a mix of basic business lingo (although I didn't know some of the words) and history (like what country is the Ayatollah Khomeni affiliated with? What is our space program called? When did we enter WWII?) Again I think I did okay on this section.
The last section was "Mental Alertness" which was where you were supposed to speed through it, that was like an amaglam of the previous word-y tests, so I think I did okay on that part.
Because I like words.
And trivia.
So I *should* hear something next week, like if they like me or if they don't.
If my math scores didn't scare them off completely.

Upon returning home, who should have left a voicemail, but company #1, that I've already had the second interview with. It's been almost two weeks since I've talked with them so I really wasn't expecting to hear from them. In typical Jj pessimistic fashion, I was expecting a "Thank you, but" letter.

Instead I was told that I was basically what they were looking for and everyone loved me, BUT (oh you knew this was coming, didn't you?) they can't (direct orders from above, which doesn't surprise me since my second interview was basically them asking me if I would be able to handle the owner, the elusive "she/her") until they hire a Sr. Copywriter. And I'm just interviewing for the wee Jr. Copywriter position. So I am in a weirdo limbo position, as she admitted that it is very slow-going in finding a Sr. copywriter, but that they would contact me as soon as they find someone.

Basically back to the drawing board, but through no fault of my own.
At least my interview skills aren't total pants.

And there is always paint to scrape off my walls, and weeks to pull out of my garden.

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