Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 65

Today was a day of waiting around by the phone as I am currently engaged in a vicious game of phone tag from a prospective employer.

This kept me in the house all day, as in previous days when I had left to run my errands, or to the library, I had missed their calls. So in an effort to be proactive about the situation, I decided to do absolutely nothing until they called.

And finally they did.
Towards the end of the day (of course).
I have a second interview scheduled for Friday.
Some friends have told me that it could be a job offer, but I'm not going to look too far ahead.
I'm just going to wear clean clothes (a skirt!) and get there on time.
The interview process has been a long one:
Tests, first interview, copywriter test, second interview, and who knows what's next.
But whatevs.

We then met my dad and his gf and walked to the Brewer game.
Which was quite lovely as the weather was so delightful.
And as an added bonus.
The Brewers pulled out a win!
Prince Fielder had a multi-hr game!
So that was a good time indeed.

Upon returning home, I had an email from yet another employer wanting to set up a phone interview!
This job is for a communications specialist, which according to the job description, I believe I would be good at.
But let's be real.
I feel like I would be good at all the jobs I apply to.
Hence me applying there.

I probably should have done more housework today, but I feel as if it's just a never ending mess.
I do wish I could have picked up some Type-A from somewhere.
But alas.
E & I are definitely Type D's:

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  1. OMG!!!
    i was totally at that game!!
    my first in eight years and i miss you...