Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 80

Another glorious day of baseball.
It was rainy and dreary out.
I had to do all of the driving.
And the Brewers lost.
And no balls were caught.

The plusses?
I got a Cousins sub, which are my favorite, for some weird reason.
The game wasn't a complete blowout, although, I'm truly starting to feel for Manny Parra.
Now I've said before I'm not a fan of the quality start statistic, but I do feel bad for Parra.
The majority of his losses are due to him getting no run support.
And his earned runs came early in the game, he pitched 100+ pitches, which is no small feat.
In the end though, we lost the series to the Cards.
I only hope we do better against the Reds.
Because we need to win series.
You can't win every game, but series are the key.

After the game it was pretty much a dull day.
I couldn't work in the garden due to the rain/dampness.
Now before everyone jumps on me for not braving the elements let me explain:
1. I hate getting wet. Those who know me, know this about me. But I hate it. I hate showering, but do so out of necessity, I hate getting wet from the rain, I don't even own a swimsuit. I do however love thunderstorms.
2. I'm assuming that I have some mild forms of arthritis in my joints (especially my fingers/hands as I've sprained every finger at least once, and at least one of my wrists, if not both). So I can't be outside in cool/damp weather unless I'm dressed appropriately, which means like it's snowing out which is not conducive to working in the garden.

I can, however, honestly say I do miss working in the garden, with my radio a-blastin' and sweat a-dripping.

I was going to work on paint scraping some more since I've become inspired, or perhaps brain damaged from the lead paint I'm more than likely inhaling, but my hands (again with the hands!) are scraped from my last venture, and yes, a bit sore, again with the arthritis. Or whatever.
I'm an olds apparently.

But instead we did nothing of the sort.
I might have blogged, but don't remember, but I don't remember watching a lot of television either.
I apparently fell into one of the many black holes that occupy my house.
I made us some popcorn, our new favorite snack (a ton of servings is equal to the $$ of one bag of chips), and we took in some telly...I remember watching about an hours worth and then heading to bed.

Maybe it was the red wine I sipped through the True Blood (new eps start June 14!!!!) recap?
And it has been a while since I've drunk red wine.
And it was delicious.

Oh I've also started watching a new show called "Beautiful People" it's a BBC show that airs here on Logo, the gay channel.
But it's pretty funny I have to say.
Fey Brits are the best ones.
I will have to see if JT is watching.

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