Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 56

Oh glorious sunny day.
It was ridiculously nice out.
E and I had some greyhound stuff to take care of early-esque in the day.
After promoting greyhound adoption for two or so hours we headed home to work in the garden/yard.
I re-bagged all of the brush that the garbage men didn't take, even though I'm pretty sure they were supposed to.
I have since put in a request to the city to have our refuse bags of brush removed, even though it is well under the four cubic feet limit.
Whatevs, city sanitation folk.
I also did some weeding, and transplanting of my sunflowers which were getting too big for their little starter pot.
I also planted my non-organic seeds using potting soil that is not intended for container growth.
Because I can't read labels apparently.
I'm trying it out anyway.

E and I then grilled out, or BBQ'd if you're from southern California, and lawdy.
It was delicious.
We tried some new fake meat, fake chicken cutlets.
And holy crust buckets.
Were those good.
So good so good so good.
Needless to say we were good and full.
I did indulge later in the day in some leftover ice cream cake.
I only felt it was fair as it was my birthday weekend after all.
And the greatest part was that I we pulled out the old boom box and I got to hear Uecker on the radio while working outside, enjoying a wine cooler.
Like a real-live adult.
And they won!
So the series was split with the D-backs.
Not exactly the way I would have ended it, but much better than the alternative.

The rest of the day was spent taking it easy as my hands were full of splinters from weed pulling/brush breaking.
I took in two films.
"The Reaping" and "The Strangers."
The first was pretty much right up my alley, as it involved satan worship and I love that.
With that being said, it really wasn't that good. I mean I jumped in some parts, but I guess I expect more from my thrillers, especially those of a religious ilk.
Maybe it's because I heart "Rosemary's Baby" so much.
There was a wee twist at the end, which was okay, but felt kind of forced, and not entirely realistic this day in age.

The second film, I'm pretty sure, was a rip-off of the Michael Haneke film "Funny Games," which I haven't watched yet as I know it's not one of those movies you can watch and be okay with.
Which I love and hate about Haneke's films.
I thought I had heard something about "The Strangers" but it turned out it ended exactly as I thought it would. Maybe I'm too informed on senseless violence, but my guess is that the Haneke film is much better.
I could be wrong.
I will keep you posted upon viewing "Funny Games."

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