Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 57

Oh recession.
The job search has been grim.
Grim I say.
I did however apply to a web copywriter job today.
And it appears some friends of friends work at this retail behemoth.

I got a bday lunch from an old friend which was very unexpected, but quite lovely.
There really is nothing like good conversation, even if a swine flu epidemic (or pandemic) abounds.
Which can we please discuss for a moment.
As of today 26 people have died of the swine flu.
The N1H1 virus if you will.
Do you know how many people die EACH YEAR from non-swine flu?
I'm all about being informed, but can we PLEASE put this in perspective.
It appears that the hysteria is dying down, but man oh man, am I sick of hearing about it.

In other news.
It appears that the library got some new cd's in.

And in a drastic turn of events Rickie Weeks hit a dramatic 3-run homer to win the Pirate-Brewer game in the 9th inning. This after two great catches by two different left fielders, a stellar catch by Mike Cameron, and a 2-run double by Ryan Braun who didn't even get to the game until about half way thru.
Drama drama drama.
And it looks like JJ might be getting his swing bat.
Lawd knows he needs it.

Good day all around.

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  1. I am totally with you on swine flu. People just like to freak themselves out I guess.