Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 54

Pizza party!

Well not exactly, but it was the party of a lifetime.

The early part of the day was spent cleaning out house, because it is impossible for me to work without a deadline, apparently.
I think this proves that I am indeed a writer.
So the house gets done and I start preparing the food.
Homemade rye bread.
Homemade white bread.
Homemade sangria (well, obs I didn't press the grapes, let's be real people).
Homemade taco dip.
Homemade spinach dip.
Homemade tortilla chips.
Homemade ice cream cake.
It was definitely the most homemade party I've thrown yet.
And I have to say.
I don't even know if I'm going to buy tortilla chips anymore, cos making them is super easy AND I'm gonna go with cheaper and better for you.

J, S, & A show up a bit early to get our drink on.
J and S keep professing their awe over my socialite skills:
Drinking, making food, conversation all at the same time.
It's true.
I did do a good job.
People came, people sang, people brought me some prezzies, which is always a pleasant surprise, AND I got lots of compliments on my spread and Sangria.
Thanks Trader Joe's and your creation of the two-buck chuck.
A punch bowl later and I still have tons left!
And, I have to say, I was a little leery, as I've had the red two-buck chuck and wasn't a huge fan.
I mean, let's be real, I drank it, but would prefer to spend a little extra on the $5 clearance wine at Sentry.
But the white.
There is a wine that is created for mixing.
I used the classy boxed wine and the two buck chuck for the sangria and I have to say, I just know punches.
Punches and dips.
Needless to say.
The food and wine was a big hit.
We have leftover liqour!
Always a bonus, and trick of the trade.
The last guests didn't leave until 4 am.
Which was perfect.
We k-oke'd until almost the break of dawn.
I had no idea it was so late as the clock was off of the wall due to tennis being played in the living room.
That happened.
I think I was outside for that part.
But I can't be sure.
Lots of singing was going on.
And by singing I mean drinking.
Where did all that time go?
I have to give major props to the Bon-Ton-ites as they partied like rockers and sang like rockers as well.
And P.
Always the last and most ferocious partier.
P is for perfect.

So I just want to give a shout out to A for helping me make taco dip and setting up.
There is no one else I would rather be domestic with.
J&S: came early, stayed late, my favorite kind of friends.
P: bringing family and friends (although numerous people were slightly creeped out by him, and did I hug him???), drinking local beer. Gussied just for me. You're tops.
J: surprised that you came at all, I'm glad I got to introduce you to someone who dated a highly functioning autistic. I wish we could hang out every weekend cos you are too cute and awesome for words.
K&E: sure, you tried to get my dog addicted to marb reds, you love on Super like nobody's business, and you brought cupcakes AND wine!
E(my E.): for partying hard and being a stealthy singer. I don't think I will ever forget your Gwen Stefani or Britney Spears.
J&B&R: although you forgot the cheese plate, you brought me Brewer jammy pants! PERFECTO!

It was a good birthday and per yuge, I'm sorry if I didn't get to talk to some of you longer...A bowl of sangria can do that to a person.

You know it's good when you just go through the k-oke cd hoping you know the next song.
And we all did really good at oldies.
Hidden gem of the evening?
I totes rocked "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me" by Billy Joel.
Who knew?

1st Annual Spring Fling:

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