Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 62

Today was the day of a lifetime.

After staying out until bartime with my former work peeps and DF, the queen of Rhode Island, Saturday morning came all too soon.

I keep forgetting that I am no longer 21.
Or even 26.
I wish I could have gotten some kind of letter in the mail, telling me that I was about to lose all of my party-hearty ability.
Or my recovery-time was going to drastically extend.
But instead, I'm a bit wrecked on Saturday.
And E and I STILL have to get random things for the wedding we are attending.
And by random things I mean E. still needs an outfit, basically:
Pants, socks, tie.
And we need to shower.
And wrap the gift.
Because we are not real adults and are never prepared for anything.

So AA comes over and we wrap presents while E showers, then it's my turn.
The next thing we know it's 1:40 and we've got to high-tail it to the wedding which is at 2.
Luckily we live about 10 minutes from downtown, so we are okay.
And we totally weren't the last ones there.
Some people actually came in after the ceremony had started, which I thought was pretty lame, but whatevs.
I think at that point you watch from the window.
The wedding itself was quite nice, the little parable they told got kind of long, but again.
It was MM's day and she can do what she wants.
They had about a babillion bridesmaids and groomsmen, but rather than detracting, I thought it was rather cute.

After the wedding we hooked up with PO for a spell and then decided that a bloody mary might be on the docket as we had about 3 hours to kill and we didn't want to waste our being dressed up.
And we looked really good.
Even me.
I showered, and matched.
I know.

So we head to Comet get a bloody or two, get some appetizers and chat it up.
Good times on the bayou indeed.
AA and I discussed us opening up our Supper/Reception Club which we've talked about for years.

We had learned ahead of time that during cocktail hour all drinks will be free, but after the hour is up, only beer and wine will be free.
It was so on.
So we get to the cocktail hour right on time, enjoy some cocktails, talk to the bride and groom, etc.
The food comes and I have to say.
Wedding food has really come of age lately.
1. They had vegetarian food.
2. It was actually delicious. Like something I would order.
3. They had mini cakes at each table and the cakes were actually super delicious.
And I don't even like cakes.
But these tasted like homemade deliciousness.

Dancing happened, with a stint by the UW marching band, which was super cute I have to say (both were UW grads), and then, although I was utterly full by the end of the night they brought out sushi and pizza as a snack for everyone who had danced off all their dinner/cake calories.

Since I was wearing almost 4-inch heels, my feet were dead to me by the end of the night, and E had to open the next day so we didn't get to close down the wedding.

But it was a good time.
And I approved of their marriage.
And their wedding.
Which is always a plus.

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