Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 60

I really REALLY wish something of note would happen.
But alas.
Still jobless.
And becoming hopeless.
I'm seriously considering bartending.
These are the conclusions I've come to while sleeping in and blogging all day.
JT thinks I would be awesome, and I have to kind of agree.
1. I'm a fast learner of drinks and such. I think.
2. I'm ridick at small talk.
3. I could most likely wear jeans. This is huge for the Jj.
4. It seems as if people make decent money at it. Eh?
5. PLUS it appears as if we're going smoke-free soon, so I wouldn't even smell like bar all the time!

I honestly have no idea what to do.

I HAVE kept up with the jogging though.
It's not easy, let me say but it does appear as if Noah is on par with me.
Today I ran more than the previous day, and while I still felt winded, and my face was still red, the "good" part came faster.
I then enjoyed a carb overload for dinner which was fecking delicious.
Fake turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy.
Give me mashed potatoes or give me death.
(full disclosure, that is from a Far Side cartoon, but I think it would be a really great title to the following:
1. food blog
2. band
3. Gary Larson's autobiography/biography
It's a rare breed that can quote Far Side cartoons.

Wee little pet peeve of the day:
Our DVDs/CDs were due to the library.
And I don't know if any of you know this, but the Washington Park library is ridiculously awkward to get to. It seems EC and I always get "lost" on the way there.
I have lost in quotes because we know where we are, we just don't know where we are in relation to the library.
So after driving around for like 15 minutes thru some hard-luck neighborhoods let me tell you, I finally find it.
It looks dreadfully dead but, by my car clock (which is 13-15 minutes fast) I have about 10 minutes, which is all I really need as I was just going to grab a CD in the "A" section.
So I drop off the goods and walk in, and the workers are like "Just so you know"
And I cut them off and look at the clock and say "I got five minutes right?"
Which, I'm sorry, but if there is nothing to clean or "close" other than maybe counting the $10 in the drawer and turning off your computer I'm not feeling bad for you.
To which she replies, "We're shutting our computers down NOW."
So then the libes doesn't really close at 5, it closes at 455 doesn't it.
Even another woman commented to me as we walked out.
How does one get a job at the library?
That is obviously where it's at.
Another career option for the Jj.
Is this nitpicking?
Yes, I realize that.
I refuse to go into most places of business when there is less than a half an hour until closing.
This especially applies to food places.
But the library?
I said it was a wee little pet peeve.
And I just thought I would share it.
I will survive without new music for the weekend.
On the plus side, I figured out (I think) how to get there easily.

In sports news:
The Brewers lost.
But Little Latin Loopy Loo was bound to have an off day.
And having a winning road trip is nice.
I'm hoping we can take the scrubs this series.
And let's be real. We only lost by 1.
Which is, at least, a game.

Manny Ramirez, hero to Dodger fans.
Has been suspended for 50 games due to a banned substance.
I don't know how it works.
I'm guessing, somewhere there is a list of what can be found in your blood stream, what can't be found.
MAYBE you could treat this list like most people treat medical allergies.
You give this list to your doctor, and he won't prescribe them.
If we're taking Manny's word, here (he said the substance was prescribed).
Not to mention the amount of managers/agents/"people" that he has.
The point is he broke a rule, and now has to face the consequences.
Simple as that.
A pitcher hits a batter after being warned (and sometimes without being warned) and he gets a fine and maybe a suspension.

I'm going to assume that the Dodgers will be okay.
They made it without him until August last year.
And if they can't?
Not my problem.
Talk to your superstar and his doctor.

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