Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 59

I think today could be the start of my return to exercising.
Winter has not been kind.
The recession made me quit my membership to the Y, although I rather enjoyed it, especially on my lunch break.
But then.
In an effort to save money we quit the gym.
Then in an effort for the Bon-Ton to save money I got laid off.

Today (I hope) is the glorious return.
And by glorious I mean I will be huffing and puffing and I will be beet red.
It won't be pretty.
It must be done.
I *think* my ipod battery replacement worked, which is a major reason no running has been occurring.
I will try that out today.
With my new foster dog!
I figure I will take him for a jog, as I guess he's kind of silly.
Tire him out a bit.

The ipod, thus far, has worked!
And true to form it was a very short 15-20 minute run with Noah, the weaver.
Not the easiest dog to run with, but it did make me feel better that he was just as tired as I was upon completion.
And yes.
I was completely drenched with perspiration and my face was red like a tomato.
After I coughed up a lung in the shower, and had a couple glasses of water.
I felt GOOD.
I even made a delicious homemade meal for dinner:
Homemade falafel.
Homemade cucumber sauce.
Homemade pita bread.

I'm iffy as to whether I will make the falafel again.
It was very good, but I think it would just be easier/cheaper to buy the mix and make it that way.
This recession is about time AND money people!
But whatevs.
Good food anyway.
And I have to say homemade bread is SO the way to go.
My goal is to figure out how to make ciabatta bread.
If I can do that I will be a happity hoppity camper.

In other news.
As I was preparing the home made meal of a lifetime (ps. If you're interested in making the above items, I would advise giving yourself a lot of time, perhaps making the pitas the night before as I started the dinner at 6-ish and we didn't eat until almost 9).
So as dinner was taking a long time I decided to run upstairs to catch the score of the Brewer game.
Multiple things surprised me.
1. the game was only in the second inning, little did I know that there was about an 45 minute rain delay.
2. Although it was only in the top of the second inning, the Brewers were UP with a score of NINE to nothing.
Needless to say, we won the game.
But it wasn't 9-0.
The final score you ask?
That is a football score, folks.
Braun hit his second grand slam of his career, not to mention it appears that JJ definitely DOES have his swing back (thank god).
EVERY play got a hit last night.
I think the Crew had 20 hits.
And Parra, to go with his first win, got his first hit.
I've said for years, when pitchers can hit, it's a good thing.
Other good news?
Zambrano is out due to a pulled hammie.
So we won't have to face him (and hopefully since the Cubs aren't doing *awesomely* we won't have to face a poop-ton of their just as poopy fans, sorry JL).
I realize it's early to look at standings, but we ARE in second and we ARE half a game up on the Scrubs.
Of course with that being said, everything in baseball (or life, one could say) is cyclical, so just as we are winning, things could most definitely change at the drop of a bat.

After an exhilirating win, I watched "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist."
Which I didn't really like.
But it did have a Shout Out Louds song, which I did like, immensely, because that band fills me with false nostalgia. Which is my favorite kind.
I like Michael Cera, but what I would really like is for him to play some super cool dude or something.
He plays the same person in every movie.
I mean, I guess.
This is what lots of people do, but for how long are we going to find awkward boys attractive?
This is going to pass isn't it?
We liked cool jerks in the 80s.
Misunderstood loners in the 90 (the too-cool-for-school types).
And now we get to pine after awkward sensitive weirdos with really good taste in music?
I guess.
Anyway, the story was quite thin, but the drunk girl is pretty perfect in it.
Mostly because we've lost BP on occasion whilst out.
Cooler people than me might like the soundtrack or the songs featured in the film.

Things I'm reccommending:
Water with lemon or lime or cucumber. So de-lish. So refreshing.
Snyder's of Hanover makes this Eat Smart white cheddar puffs. Healthy and freaking delicious, especially after a "jalk" (jog/walk, Thanks KD!).

Alan Parsons Project...early stuff. This year's halloween mix will defs be featuring the Raven, which I scoured the internet for and could not find.

Some of you may have noticed in this post I've started using second initials.
This is to avoid confusion and stalkers.
Jk people.
But I should read over the missed connections on Craig's List.
People are desperate.
Really bad spellers.

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