Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 63

Noah, the wonder foster dog, obviously did not know that I was out the previous night (and the night prior to that) so I was up at a relatively early hour.

I let the dogs out, and poured myself a big old glass of lemon water.

I then contemplated blogging about the prior night's events, but decided against it as I was in no place to do anything but watch television.
Or the computer as the case may be.
Upon getting home the night before I thought I had looked at the score to the Brewers-Cubs game.
I thought I had seen a score of 12-6.
But as the wine was unlimited, and my dreams were about a baseball game with a ridiculous amount of errors, I couldn't be sure what was true anymore.

So I fired up Hal 9000 and decided to look into this 12-6 victory I thought I had read about the night before.
And indeed, 12-6 was the score that was posted, but all the articles seemed to be talking about the score being 9-5.
So I cue up the game on the MLB.TV that we have and take in the prior night's ball game.
Because one of my favorite activities is watching the ol' ball game.
As I'm sure you know.

And then, because it's the busiest weekend in the world, we have tickets for that afternoon's game.
Unfortunately, it was not nearly as eventful last night's game, and the Crew came away with a loss.
But we did take the series at least.

The rest of the night was spent lazing about as we were so completely exhausted we couldn't do anything else.
I thought about jogging, but my feet (and blisters) were laughing at that thought.
Not to mention the rest of my muscles.

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