Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 67

Today was an adventure.
As only Jj&E can have.

First of all, apparently I made us late.
I don't fully concur, as I was downstairs sitting with my bag ready to go, while E was doing god knows what upstairs. I think he thought I was still getting ready.

So we get a late start.
No time to make coffee, and even if we could the grinder is broken.
It's not a fun time at the Burch-Castrapel household.

We get on the road and realize we will miss the Kenosha trains, so we try to catch a train in Waukegan, but googlemaps doesn't tell us what direction we're heading on a specific highway, so we end up going the wrong way and end up at a Metra Station in Grayslake (sp?).

The conducter was not the nicest person in the world, but we got to Addison in Chicago.
We then took the bus to Wrigley, ate some lunch, got some coffee (FINALLY!) and headed into the game.

The game was an absolute mess.
The Padres not only got beat, but effing hammered.
I did notice that while at Wrigley, the Chicago fans are a lot less douchey.

As luck would have it we got the first bus leaving Wrigley, and we didn't have to wait too long for the train. We still didn't know if we would end up where we needed to end up, but we were trusting the conductor, who was nicer than the previous one.

FINALLY we get to Grayslake.
While it was slightly convenient to utilize public transit, it was a huge hassle.
But that could just be my negativity taking over, as I tend to hate Chicago.
And this doesn't even have to do with their baseball.
I just never have fun when I'm there, or I did once or twice.
But usually I end up getting sick.
Which E claims is all in my head, as he LOVES Chicago.

We get home to find Noah has the poopiest crate I've seen in a while.
While in Chicago, I thought I should have probably arranged for a friend to come over and let him out, but alas, the game snuck up on us.
So I didn't, and he had exploded all over the inside of his crate.

I made a deal with E that if he went and picked up a pizza, I would take care of the dogs.
So that is what we did.

Day trip to Chicago:
However, I will be hiring someone to take care of the dogs next time, to avoid this situation.
Or Shituation as I would like to call it.

The good news is the weather is nice so I can just hose off the crate outside.
Thank goodness for water pressure!

Tomorrow I will be driving south yet again for my second interview.
I will keep you posted.

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