Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 55

Considering how wrecked I was the night before, I wasn't sure much would get accomplished today.
Up at noon.
Saw Rex, my foster dog off to his new family, and E and I ran errands of a lifetime.
In a rare occurrence there was a bottle of diet Pepsi in the fridge for me.
Which, as I'm sure most of you know at this point, is one of my favorite hangover cures of all time.
And by cure, I mean, something I really just want to drink incessantly.

Our errands were not labor intensive and took a surprisingly short amount of time.
1. swing by the Miller Park to pick up some tickets for dear old dad. Unfortunately they were about $50 more expensive than he thought they would be. Marquee games.
2. Run to Laacke & Joys and pick up some chair that I one in an Outpost drawing. It's like a chair you would take to sit in the bleachers for or something. I've since tried it out and feel it will come in handy if:
a. I ever take up camping
b. I start picnicking.
c. I play alot of video games. (this however will not happen as our PS2 just broke and we cannot switch games which means E. will be playing MLB 09: The Show for the rest of the PS2's life).
Side note: I'm not a huge customer service stickler, a hello, a how can I help you. That is REALLY all I need for a pleasant experience. I don't like it when people follow me around the store, I don't like it when I get nothing. So I found it kind of annoying that I had to initiate conversation and that I barely got eye contact. Sure I wasn't buying anything, but what better way to make me want to shop there then to leave a good experience embedded in me? Maybe I just ooze "not-a-camper." I don't know. But it was kind of annoying because I want to see them succeed because they are local, and have been around a long time and they helped keep E. safe in Africa, and my dad safe in Appalachia (both true stories). And I have to say, they WERE helpful when we were getting E. prepared for his worldly journey. So maybe the guy was having a bad day and just wanted to be left alone.
3. Drive around the city looking for Plankinton Ave. to visit J. at the indie fashion fair. I was surprised at how reasonable things were and if I weren't jobless, I totes would have bought something.
4. Decided to try to pick up my amish ipod (we're talking like 3rd generation here) which was at the battery store being replaced. Unfortunately, it appears that they will be unable to fix my ipod as the battery is no longer holding a charge, or rather, I can use it as a portable stereo but not to run with. Boo. Because, not to get all self loathy here, but JJ gots to start running.
And how.
He was going to try one more battery and give a shout on Monday to let us know the fate. If all else fails I could always just get a shuffle and keep the amish one for parties where it can stay plugged in at all times.
5. Because the Brewer game was about to begin we decided to nix the traffic that would have been our way home and head to Mayfair to peruse the ipod selection at the Apple store, and since we are wedding-bound next weekend, we decide do peruse Crate & Barrel for their wedding gift, which we found, and I have to think we did a good job at. Crate & Barrel= good customer service and I heart their stuff. I'm gonna come out and say it.
I could spend hours in that store and love everything. Well, I didn't like their margarita glasses/pitchers.
But whatevs.
PLUS! They boxed it up for us! Fecking sweet.

We decided to head home.
We were both exhausted and had a big night ahead of us.
That's right.
We had tickets.
Tickets to see:
Flight of the Conchords
One of our favorite shows in all the land.
So we cowboy it up, and wait outside the Riverside like we are in NYC waiting for a movie.
It was, in case you didn't know, the hipster even of the season.
But oh.
Was it funny.
Even the opening act (Eugene Mirman) was funny.
One of my favorite parts of the show was how they handled hecklers.
One person asked where "Murray was" which prompted Jemaine to do a hilarious American accent asking Drew Barrymore where E.T. was as Murray is a fictional character played by Rhys Darby who resides in Aukland.
I guess it's hard because heckling is part of being a performer, but THIS type of heckling was:
1. of the ilk that you had been drinking all day (it was a 10 pm show and there was an early Brewer game that day).
2. people who think their funnier than the band/act that they paid almost $50 to see. You're not.
So MAJOR kudos to FOC for handling the hecklers awesomely. Not to mention they sang (or tried to) the epileptic dogs song, and screwed it up so cutely. Oh New Zealand band.
We laughed, got to hear some new tunes, some old faves.
Plus, well shucks, they are just so cute.
And funny.

Needless to say home we went, and bed we went.
I would make a comment about how old we are, but I DID just party until 4 am the previous day.
So that excuses me from old jokes a little doesn't it?

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  1. Another Saturday and I find myself reading your past "issues". Find this one DOUBLE jealousy inducing. You saw FOC AND Eugene Mirman?!? He is one of my favorite comedians. Has been for awhile. His stint on the second Comedians of Comedy special was truly inspired. He is just, weird and smart and probably the perfect opener for FOC! Way cool!