Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 58

I wish I could say I had some updates from my various job searches.
I wish I could say I had some prospects.
But alas.
I have nothing.

I haven't heard back from from ANY place, which is beginning to be slightly worrisome.

This is what I can tell you.
I worked on my writing today!
I got a couple pages done, and plan on doing more the rest of the week.
It's amazing what I can force myself to do when the house is somewhat in order.
I still can't believe I have no clean-streak bone in my body.

I've enjoyed the Alan Parsons Project cd I've checked out from the library.
And I have to say.
I really love it.
Late 70s prog-rock.
Music for the gods.
And nerds.
But here is an ethics issue (and I did seriously send a letter to the NYT Magazine ethicist, Randy Cohen about this matter):
Is it akin to stealing music when I check it out from the library and then import it into my computer? I'm not selling said music, but I might include a song or two on a mix made for a friend. I'm not one of those who "steals" music on the internet, but I will borrow cd's from friends and burn copies. Is this only an issue because of the current state of the music industry? What if I only take music that I have on LP, but even then, the LPs were bought at thrift stores, and thrift stores aren't killing the record industry are they? It's a pandoras box of ethics. I don't have the answers, and I sure hope I'm not incriminating myself by asking these questions. Of course, I have not implicitly stated what I have done. I'm just asking the questions.
Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Law & Order?
Can I also tell you I'm highly attracted to the new lawyer on the regular L&O.
I have no idea why, except that I could tell he was British born, it's one of my super powers.
Another reason?

E&I went to pick up my newly battery-ized ipod.
It APPEARS to be charging, but the test will be tomorrow when I go on a run.
Because lord knows I need to get some activity in my life.

In other news:
A new short-term foster dog will be coming tomorrow.
His name is Noah.
His new owner is a jogger, so what better way than to get him broken in and me broken in.
It's amazing how things work out, sometimes.
E isn't exactly thrilled with a new big buddy in the house, but it's a short-termer.
And I do miss Rexford Files.

The Brew Crew extended their winning streak against the Pirates of Pittsburgh to 17 games, which I believe is the longest in MLB recent history.
And it definitely DOES appear as if JJ has found his swing as he had 4 ribbies.
What I love about this season's BrewCrew is that it is all kind of surprising that it's WORKING.
Yes, I will admit, it was a S-L-O-W start. And we are by no means out of the woods yet.
But we're playing some small ball, our pitching isn't NEARLY as awful as I thought it would be, and Rickie Weeks seems like he's FINALLY coming around. Which was a long train coming.
I'm not expecting miracles, but I think the Crew is playing some good baseball lately.
The Reds put a beatdown on the Fish, so we will have to see how tomorrow night's game plays out. It could be interesting.

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