Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 53

You say it's your birthday?
It's my birthday too, yeah!

Incidentally enough, now whenever I hear that song, all I can think of is "16 Candles" and Anthony Michael Hall singing that to Molly Ringwald, and then immediately going into "Hey Jude."

Today was a rather worthless birthday.
Turned the ol' 29.
Olds olds olds.
Having a party tomorrow which nothing is ready for yet.
Nothing tra la la.

Today was spent running incessant errands and then, I think you know what's coming here...watching the Brewer game, with a birthday dinner thrown in.

The good news?
I bought a case of wine at Trader Joe's.
So I should be good for the week.
Ha ha.
The next two weeks.
Whatevs, there is a recession people and 12 bottles of wine for $35, even if I have to drink double, it will be good.
Plus I've been going classy style and drinking wine coolers.
Because bubbles in drinks are classy.

The dogs woke me early-esque this morning, which was needed as I had my copywriter test as a migraine had hit me the day/night before. I played the birthday card to get E. to make me some joe, while I fired up the ol' computer.
I worked dilligently at the tests for a while and E. went to go run some errands.
I then showered, tried to find some clothes that fit me, and we were off to the libes for some cd/dvd action.
I being the awkward in-order person that I am, stuck with the "A's" for music and now have a Laurie Anderson cd.
E. checked out "The Rocker" which seemed like it was pretty funny (I was writing while he was watching).

We then headed to Trader Joe's where things were not nearly as cheap as I remembered them when we lived in Cally, but there was still the two buck chuck, and the cheap olive oil so I was happy.

I decided some veggie chili sounded good for dinner so we headed to Beans & Barley for my favorite vegetarian chili of all time.
I then get caught up in the re-telling of the major plot points of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" to E. that I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
Literally, tears are running down my face and I need to use my napkin to clear them away.
E. thought I was either drunk or had taken one of his vikes.
Just a ridick person that you know and love.
On a side note I found out that his favorite fruits are oranges and bananas.
Which I did not know, because we so rarely have those fruits (any fruit really) in our house.
His favorite vegetable?
The things you learn on your birthday.

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