Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 52

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats waking up at noon and deciding to go to the 1205 Brewer game.
I slept in like the true sleeping champion that I am (whenever my friend N. comes and visits or vice versa we have sleeping contests, I'm almost always the champion).

I wake up and desperately need a shower, but figure a Brewer cap will cover up my dirty hair.
The Brewer game starts in five minutes, but I decide, quite rashly I will try and get a Uecker seat for a measly dollar.

So I put on some clothes, brush the teeth and find a convenient parking spot by the WHS supercenter.
I get into the Uecker line and find, quite shockingly, that I got the last one.
I was fully prepared to fork over $10 for a nosebleed.
But there I was with my buck seat ticket in hand, waiting in the beer line.
Although Uecker seats are supposed to be obstructed view, super nose-bleeds, I decided to take my chances in section 225, which is one of the sections E and I get with our 20-pack.
I figured a day game, when they had already won the series, I wasn't doing anything terribly illegal.
Needless to say, I didn't have to get up once.
I WAS however talked to by various men at the game, impressed with my score-keeping skills and my "general knowledge of the game." Yep that was a quote from the hippie that was sitting in front of me who consistently wanted to fist bump/high five me.
Can't a girl just watch the game by herself?
I'm pretty sure they were harmless, however.
They didn't ask me to any after-game anyway.

After the Brewer game I should have worked on my copywriter test, but had a horrible headache and settled in for some tv.
And lawd, did I tell that tv what for.
I watched "Remember the Titans" because I can't get enough of feel good sports movies.
I really really can't.
If a sports movie is on, well a GOOD sports movie, you can rest assured that I will be watching said movie.
Ethan Suplee is in that movie.
And he is HUGE.
I couldn't believe it.
So that made me laugh.
I'm always amazed at the awful racism in that film.
Not that I'm excusing hidden/secret racism, but some of those whites were so blatantly awful to black people.
And is Virginia even that far south?
I mean, jeez, a hundred years after the civil war.
Christ on a cracker.
Literally and figuratively.

After "Remember the Titans" I took in "Alvin and the Chipmunks."
I like Jason Lee, even if he is a crazy Scientologist.
And was that movie good?
Was it the worst movie?
I think it was actually kind of cute, with a good message to today's youth.
"Listen to your parents."
That was the underlying message.
And I have to say I am thankful for in Milwaukee Proper and all.
Then I watched (I know, this is getting ridiculous with the movies, the bad movies) "Never Been Kissed"
Which is not good either, but I have to say, if I had a teacher that looked like that in high school, or college for that matter, I defs would have went to class more.
And worn more low neck sweaters.
True that.
And it's message is better than most romantic comedies as she didn't have to give up her career to be with him.

L&O took me thru the rest of the night, with my headache not getting any better.
I went to bed early style because I knew I had to wake up early the next day for the copywriter test and for prepare for my impending birthday party.

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