Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 29


Today the Brewers begin their season versus the Giants of San Francisco.
With Suppan on the mound, things could get interesting.
If our bats quake I think we could get out of any type of jam Supes gets us in.
Only time will tell.

In other baseball news:
The Cubs won last night.
I felt really good cheering against them.
Stupid Cubs.
CC, former Brewer ace, totally TOTALLY did not do a good job for the Yankees.
6 earned runs in 4 1/3 (I think).
0 K's.
And while I want to like CC because he did help us get to the playoffs, he does play for the most hated team in all of baseball.
The Yankees.
And I think his paycheck is ridiculous.
I think most paychecks are ridiculous at this point.
Historically, CC doesn't do well in April.
At least he didn't last April.
And if this is the case, is he doomed to hear "Boo's" for the rest of the season from Yankee's fans?
Or will they cheer him on when he does well?
It's not like Yankees fans are known for their cooth-ness.
And yes, I know some Yankees fans, and they are nice, I'm making huge generalizations here.
I'm just interested to see how that will play out.

In other news:
Election Day today!
MPS School Board Elections.
Which mostly I'm happy about because I will have people stop calling me and stop knocking on my door.

Recession news:
I got a call from a job today.
But since I have no experience writing press releases (not like I can really fake that as I have none on a company letterhead or anything like that) I was ruled out.
The good thing about that is that at least my resume doesn't suck.
It, at least, is being looked at.
That is good news anyway.
That was the West Bend Silver Lining of my day.

E and I officially started our recession garden.
We planted our seeds, well the seeds that have come.
I may need to call the other company as the rest of the seeds haven't come yet.
But I'm gonna probably wait it out.
I'm gonna middle it out.

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