Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 39

I wish I could say something great and awesome happened today.
But instead, it was the usual.
Took the dogs for a walk, E went and played tennis.
I did some research on my recession garden.
I did find this pretty cool idea for how to deal with dog waste.
Which I'm excited to implement.
It requires a little work, but seems easy enough for me to do, and if it keeps my grass poo free, that is a pretty good thing.
Check it out.

Yesterday also entailed a neighborhood walk with local city officials.
We had a good turn out, got to see some a new neighborhood dog (!!!) and our dog was very well behaved.
Even that was pretty low key. Not too much has been happenin' in ol' Milwaukee Proper lately, so I had nothing to say.
Well at least nothing on my block.

No baseball last night so I have nothing to report there.

Did a spot of cleaning, but seriously.
Alot of research on composting/vermiculture.
Since I'm not smart about gardening at all.
I think I might subscribe to the theory that aliens came and taught ancient civilizations things because seriously...the more I think about how things like bread have been around forever and that I can't make it without a breadmaker...
I kid.
I kid.

I also took in a film entitled "Party Girl" starring Parker Posey.
And while I love Parker Posey.
The movie wasn't really good.
In my opinion.
It needed to be either way more over the top, like a Bollywood film.
Or it needed to take itself more seriously.
And Liev Schreiber was in it.
With an accent.
Which I thought was weird and unnecessary.
Upon further review, the director went on to direct "The Guru."
Which fits right in with my Bollywood theory.
And it was nominated for the grand jury prize at Sundance in 95.
Oh remember when ANYONE could make an indie film.

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