Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 30 (free song list inside!)

A full month of my recession.
Happy Anniversary to me!

A list of things accomplished by yours truly during this "ass time:"

*Consistently clean-ish house. I say clean-ish because it's me, and I did not get the Burch gene of anal-ness. But it's not embarrassing for me to have people just stop by so that is quite nice.

*Cream Cheese Wontons!
Yes, this might seem mundane but I add things to my repertoire so rarely that this is a big deal. Plus they're good! Plus they're easy! Plus they're cheap!

*My recession garden!
Not unlike a victory garden, we're hoping to be able to can some veggies and eat 'em up, eat 'em up yum. Although I don't fancy myself a gardener by any means, I know it's in my blood, somewhere...I just need to find it and channel it. If 50% of my seeds sprout, and grow fruit and flowers, I will be a happy camper. E's goal for me is 75%...that is pushing it.

*Resume and Cover Letter writing skillz!
Yeah, that's right. With a "Z" because they're not just skills, they're SKILLZ. So they haven't gotten me a job yet, but BUT they can't altogether suck as I've gotten one rejection letter, a sample request, AND a phone call. Better than absolutely nothing. Right? RIGHT?

*Domesticity Training.
Okay so I may not ever have children, but I DO think homemade is awesome (which I'm guessing I wouldn't have time to do even if I DID have little ones). So I'm a little late coming to the DIY revolution, I have to say I love it. I have to say I love having a pantry full of staples and that I make bread (parmesean peppercorn slice, anyone?), E makes jam. It makes me feel a little bit better about decorating like a college freshman. I still haven't mastered homemade mayonnaise, but I'm not giving up.

*Dog Town USA!
Who wouldn't love hanging out with their dog(s) all day? Add in a couple extra dogs while dog sitting and it's Puppy Pary Central! And if I get PAID?!? (which I never ask for, but sometimes people feel they need to get you something...) Well, that is just the cherry on the sundae. Or, since I don't like sweets, the nacho cheese on my tortilla chip. Mm mm mm.

Well the writing of books. I've gotten back in the fiction game, am actually excited about something I'm working on AND have ideas for a short story collection! This doesn't even count my non-fiction idea.

I've taken to watching films again! Sure they are old and most of them aren't very good, but a professor of mine once said, "Any movie actually made is worth seeing." While I don't actually agree with his assessment, it does stick in my mind whilst watching absolute dreck like SATC. [Sidebar: Did you know dreck is Yiddish in origin?!]

*Soundtrack Channel!
I can't really express my love for this channel that plays songs from movies I didn't know existed, completely forgot that they existed, or songs that I haven't heard since 3rd grade. It's the best and worst wrapped in one musically terrifying/exhilirating package.

*Unlimited Baseball Watching!
No more accessing Gameday on the internet at work, or trying to get 620 on a tiny clock radio to Uecker's "Get Up! Get Outta Here! Gone!" Now I get to watch it in the comfort of my own home. Beer/cider in hand, dog cuddling, and I can shout as many expletives as I want! And when the weather gets nicer? Uecker will be on the radio, outside while working in the garden, Dos Equis next to me, probably in bib overalls. You know, just to give you a mental picture. Brewers aren't on? I can always always ALWAYS cheer against the Cubs.

And as an extra special treat here is my long-awaited compilation, "Songs for MY Recession:"
  1. These Things Take Time--The Brunettes
  2. Live Your Life--T.I. feat. Rhianna
  3. Learning to Fly--Tom Petty
  4. Bring on the Dancing Horses--Echo & the Bunnymen
  5. Journey Through the Past--Neil Young
  6. I'm Still Here--The Notations
  7. Hounds of Love--The Futureheads
  8. More Than This--Roxy Music
  9. November Rain--Guns N' Roses
  10. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsinger--Of Montreal
  11. Ghost of Corporate Future--Regina Spektor
  12. A Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold--Neil Young
  13. Can't Get It Out Of My Head--Electric Light Orchestra
  14. That's the Way--Led Zeppelin
  15. It Happens Every Time--Tim Buckley
  16. Jackie Dressed in Cobras--The New Pornagraphers
  17. Don't Take It Too Bad--Townes Van Zandt
  18. Home at Last--Trevor Jones
In other news:
The Crew lost yesterday, but am still hopeful that they can pull it out today, and for the rest of the series for that matter.
Silver lining? The Cubs lost as well.
Offensively we were there, no long balls and we still scored six runs (sure one was an error). Small ball was being played, and being played well. Hells, even Supes hit a double. Seriously.
The problem?
Which is what has been scaring everyone this side of the Illinois border.
I'm hoping that our young guys (YoGo and Parra) will step it up, but that is a tall order coming from a team that is used to Sheets and Sabathia.
It's a sad day when your offense scores six runs and still loses by four.


Today is a job search and writing day since the Crew doesn't play until later.
And maybe I will try making mayonnaise again.

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