Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 32

The good news?
I dropped off my application for MATC and went to Alterra to do some writing.
And I did.
And it felt good.
I think I know where I'm going with the tale, so that is quite a bit different for me.
After a good day of writing I decided to see P. and catch her up on all the gossip of my life.
And I know one wouldn't think being unemployed would lead to any type of gossip.
But it has.
It did.
Becasue E and I are complete procrastinators we had no supplies, so I stopped at the market on the way home to get the very basics of tailgating.
Sometimes I wish we weren't perennial college kids.

I made it home in time for first pitch.
Parra was keyed in at first but...
I'm sure you know what's coming if:
1. you follow the Crew
2. you follow this blog

Parra didn't make it past 5 innings.
Bad news.
Bad news bears.
Things have to turn around if we expect to beat the dreaded Cubs.
Things must.

After a disappointing/dreadful loss, I settled in for a night of watching television.
It's my new thing.
To watch movies.
I'm in "A's" for the Cinemax on Demand.
So I was going to settle in for a night of classic rock and thwarted teenage romance with "Almost Famous."
I think the main reason I love this song is because of the Tiny Dancer scene on the bus.
I don't know if you know this, but my dream in life is to be in a bar and start everyone singing a song together.
Like that ridiculous Coors Light commercial a while back.
Or the scene from Almost Famous.

But then my cousin calls.
And wants me to meet him in Tosa at Mo's.
I have never been to the Tosa Mo's.
But it was a treat.
There was a dj, which I thought was ridiculous.
And people were doing actual dances.
Like choreographed routines.
That night out secured my entry into adulthood I'm afraid.
For I didn't know many of the songs nor the dances.
It was a good night.
My excitement from opening day negated a good night's sleep (maybe 5 hours were had? Maybe?) and induced some sickness.
Because I'm five apparently and can't keep my nerves under control.

Sorry kids, this one's a shorty.
I put all my time pontificating on my characters, rather than my life, today.
Good for my newest miserable failure (i.e. book/story), bad news for you.

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