Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 46

Interview day!
I have to say, I was quite thankful for all of the well wishes recieved via facebook, and oddly enough, via the USPS.
My dad had sent me some vouchers for Brewer tickets and included a small note wishing me luck.
Too cute.
And my mom called to wish me luck.
It's like I'm 15 all over again, trying to get a job at now-bankrupt Jellystone Park.

So I do dog duty.
Fill out all the forms required of me, get my portfolio together (my $50 shopping spree at kinko's).
Check into facebook.
Dig some tights out of my drawer.
And to be clear:
It was a nice day out yesterday, but I have a RIDICULOUSLY disgusting bruise on my let that was discovered at M & Z's last weekend.
I still have no idea where this bruise came from, but it STILL looks as bad as it did that hasn't faded at all.
So I decide to not gross out the interviewers since my boots wouldn't cover up the the bruise and my skirt was like right at bruise length.
So I have some time to spare and I take in the Brewer game.
It's a day game, which I'm excited about as I will be able to listen to the game on my way to the interview. And provided the Brewers do well, it will be relaxing.
I leave (I think) sometime during the third inning.
Bush is pitching and so far has no hits.
One of my favorite things to do while watching games is to say "Well there goes the no-hitter."
Usually I do this in the first inning.
When it gets past the 4th or 5th inning, I kind of shut up about it because I don't want to jinx anything.
And there has only been ONE no-hitter thrown in Brewer history.
So I kind of was thinking, hmm...could today be the day?
Driving in my car, listening to Uecker on the radio.
Good times.
So I get to my interview just in time.
In the car I got to listen to Braun hit a two-run homer in the fourth, Fielder a bases clearing double in the fifth, and Hall a solo shot in the eight.
But I have to go in.
And at the top of the 8th Bush still has a no-no.
I, obviously, can't be late for my interview, but I think trying to listen to a no hitter would be a valid excuse if ever there was.

The interview process lasts two hours.
I have to take two numbers assessments, and then I get the basic interview questions.
Which I think I did good on.
C'est la vie say the old folks.
It goes to show you never can tell.
The first interview was with the HR person.
Then I go across the way to talk with someone from creative.
This guy was awesome and he used to work in retail, and actually knew someone from the Bon-Ton. He said he had no weight on the hiring process at all, so he told me alot about the work culture there, which I was quite thankful for because it's hard to get that out of HR.
He discussed the dress code, which is skirts or suits for women (not business casual like the BT Supercenter), which I have to admit, I found a little shocking, but whatevs. I have skirts. I wear skirts.
The interview ends and they say I will know withing 3-4 days.
So sometime next week I will be expecting a rejection email.
Ha ha.
The hour drive wasn't bad. Especially with the Brewers on the way down!

After the interview the Brewer game was obviously over.
I could find no sports talk radio, so I assumed that the no-hitter was ruined.
But then I thought, just because I would be talking about a no-hitter for hours on end, doesn't mean the general radio media in Milwaukee would be.

So I get home and I race up the stairs and I immediately ask E.
"Did he do it? Did Bush throw a no-hitter?"
The Brewers still won.
We FINALLY won two back to back games!
AND we FINALLY beat the Phillies in a series, the first time since 2006.
I'm hoping we continue this trend in Houston.
And this further extends my confidence in Bush.
Who would've thought that Little Latin Loopy Loo and Bush would be our aces?
Well, I've always had faith in Bush.
He pitched a no hitter into the 8th last year too.
And he just seems like a nice guy.
Plus he's all oddly beardy now.

In other news.
I may get to hang out with J. tomorrow and help her do fashion-y stuff.
I'm excited at this possibility.
Mostly cos I know it will involve cocktails and most likely some gossip.
Or at least giggles.
Plus I will get to see my favorite bully mix, Foxie.
It's supposed to be 80-something degrees.
Maybe it's time to take the plastic off the windows?

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