Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 44

Man oh man.
This recession just won't quit.
I was going to try and put in the latest rejection letter acquired from yours truly. But unfortunately I'm having issues the technicalities of it all.
So you will just have to believe me that I got a rejection letter from the UWCU.
No commuting to Madion for me.

Here's to thinking the phone interview went well.

In other recession news:
I applied for four other jobs today.
All of which, I think I would be highly skilled and enjoy.
In my job search I go back and forth between applying for anything I think I could do that would pay a decent wage or trying to find something I would like and enjoy.
Currenly I'm leaning towards the the latter because I've only been in the job search for well, 44 days.
Jobs applied to are:
*Office Associate at Marquette: I don't know why I keep applying to Marquette. I haven't even received any inkling of the fact that they look at my resume. But whatevs. It would be close, I've heard good things AND you get free tuition if you work there. True story people.
*Editorial & Administrative Assistant: I think this job is for a travel/medical company. Which sounds interesting and it involved a lot of proofing, which I love to do. It seems like it would be a combo of the MA and Copywriter position at the Bon-Ton supercenter.
*Receptionist/Executive Assistant: while normally I wouldn't apply to a position like this, it is for a PR/Advertising firm so I think it would be right up my alley.
*Online Copywriter: Obs, this seems like it would be good fit.

Other recession news:
Today was FREE DAY!
Things obtained free today are as follows:
1. Dog Food: We go to Wisconsin Garden and Pet and they have a pretty sweet program where you buy 10 bags and get one free. The best part of this is that they keep track of it for you. We had a suspicion it would be free, but one can never be sure about these things. And let's be clear that a free bag of dog food for us the equivalent to saving $50-$60. Greyhounds can have dickey tums.
2. Since it was errand day, we head to Mayfair to pick up E's tips. AND...
Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone! Wahoo! They were doing a fundraiser for autism or some other kid charity. So we put a dollar (each, we're not that cheap) in the bucket and enjoyed ice cream and feeling good that we helped some type of children.
I think.
3. E was hungry so we decided to stop at Qdoba because we are addicted to their nachos.
Side note: before the recession began I ate at Qdoba for like a month straight, totalling almost $300. Seriously. After that bill came I ate my organic ramen. A lot.
So E. has some type of rewards card and one of our entrees was free!
Great day in the morning.
All of the freeness made me feel a little bit better about being weeded out of the UWCU employment pool.
Ha ha.
At first I accidentally typed poop.
I'm five.

My only complaint about free day was that Outpost had nothing to offer me.
I did however enter an earth day contest, so maybe my free day will extend into that.
And they didn't have semolina flour.
Can I get this at Sentry?
I thought if any place would have it, it would be Outpost.
I'm taking the next step in recession cooking:
Making my own pasta.
But I need semolina flour to do so.
Any ideas?
I did get to stock up on bulk organic products so that is always a plus.
I love the bulk section at Outpost.
I just found out you can bring in your own containers and they will scale them for you, so you don't have to use plastic bags!
I'm still on the lookout for a big enough container that will fit in my pantry and store lots of dry goods...I'm thinking ice cream buckets? I could always paint them so they would look cute...
Hmm...this could be a great idea, as it's hard to find containers that you can fit your hand and a measuring cup into.
Maybe I will try this.
Except I would need to actually eat that ice cream.
And we don't eat nearly enough ice cream.
Maybe free cycle would have some.

Brewer News:
I've got the Brew Crew Blues.
Symptoms: Excessive foul language at heightened decibels directed at one, some, or all of the following: Brewers pitching staff, Brewers pitching ability, Brewers coaching decisions, Brewers fielding and hitting, umpires, Manny Parra, Jeff Suppan; reading during the game because it's become too disheartening to listen to Rock and B.A. try to excuse the poor performance, taking interest in your partner's team (in my case, the Padres); phone calls to family before, during or after the game that may or may not involve expletives; dreading watching the game.
Cures: W's. K's thrown by our pitchers. <5 BB's thrown by our pitchers. W's. HR's. 1B's, 2B's, 3B's (read hits). W's. No E's. W's. SportsCenter highlight plays. W's.

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